Saturday , June 19 2021

The GNP is considering "abnormalities" due to Dushko's vote

Naja's team, Coltan
BNP senior joint convenor at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon
Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Riviwi said: "This outcome is unusual and many inequalities.
The organization holds elections from VP to a fixed panel
There are voices. This panel receives all votes.

"But it seems
That is, the panel of VP-GS and VP-GS on the reform of the KATA reform of the Chhatra League
Much difference in voting. "

Riviere said: "All in all
Had there been technical skills in the Prime Minister's Office or any of those tech giants
Whether it was printed at the Vice Chancellor's office at Fuller Road, it can be said that two days
Then. Let's first analyze all the results. But it seems to me so far
It's abnormal. "

After the allegations of irregularities, most of the panels
Among the boycott of candidates, the Central Student Parliament of Dhaka University on Monday
In the parliamentary constituencies in Dausu and Hall, Chhatra League won a monopoly, but only won the PP position
Leader of the reform movement in Kota Nurul Hak Noor

Tuesday to seek the re-election of a vice president
BKL activists protest from the morning before the Vice-Chancellor's residence
Leaders and activists.

On the other hand
The Left Front, the Municipal Council for the Reservation of Student Rights and the two candidates for Independent Candidates
Class exclusion programs occur in the position of ballot papers.

Ruhul Kabir Riviwi said: "In the history of Dhaksur yesterday
An unprecedented event occurred. VC at Dhaka University, hearing the fatwa of the Government at a midnight vote
The "shadowy baie" cats put the university's great tradition of grabbing dust.

"Because the government must leave an inch in place of the opposition
Hence, the dissatisfied Vice-Chancellor at the University of Dhaka, VS. Disu, chose Prasanna and
Terrorist messages. Insufficient soul of the CEC in his body
VC at Dhaka University was held. "

At the press conference team
Member of the Council of the President of the Council, Sahida Rafik, Secretary General, Kairoul Kabir
Hokon, central leader Abdus Salam Azad, Abdul Aval Khan, Shamsuzaman Suray,
Kazi Rafika were also present.

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