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The film's successful captains are those

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It's hard to say that there is no epoch of copper over the golden age of the film industry. Shahidul Islam Hukon ever paid more than all the money in his film. Today it's like a dream. Today, Shakib Khan's semi-compensation is also a manufacturer of panes. The producers of that set are no longer in control. Most of the old FDC manufacturers are now in the Board of Directors of the Board of Directors. Even then, the number of brand creators in the name of the film creates a new interest. In the image on which the vessel is not main. Today's report –

Badiul Alam Khokan

In the last two decades, he is the most successful film maker. Many researches, discussions and criticisms of his film stories or scams have been criticized, but the creator has yielded to the fantastic film and Shakib Khan. Meanwhile, Shakib Khan and Badiul Alam Hokon were part of the separation. But re-make these few pictures. This is a message of hope. At the same time, the pair of Shakib-Apu also has the stability of the viewers. Today's new Shakib is built with fire He performs his duty as the leader of the Association of Directors. However, Badiul Alam Hokon will be able to keep track of popular directors of this time, in order to succeed Captain Qatar whose meditation is only a knowledge film

Malek Afsari

The film reigns with the monumental era in an exclusive. Interval Break But after the break, some of the older builders who once again got used to their breasts, Malek Afsari is one of the names. With the success of the latest password image, self-esteem was well established. However, the media has been criticized in various quotes for various aspects of the film's construction, the originality of the story. This producer knows the nerve of the general audience in the film. Is there a debate or controversy over his image?

Tukir Ahmad

Taukir Ahmed, the name of the very glorious canvas as a film producer in Bangladesh. Perfect construction The frequency of repeating itself Tauchir Ahmed is a great charm. The prospect of celebrating the greatest role in the globalization of the Bangladeshi film can fill his hand. Joyjutra, Anonymous, Halda, Phagun Hawa will be at the top of any list as Bangladesh's renowned film. Theatrical Worker – Then, as the top director of Chatterjee Superstar, his career will be well liked and liked, just like the image of Tokir Ahmed.

Mustafa Sarvar Farooki

In the audience there was a struggle to accept him and deny him as a director. But Faroque brought a group of new spectators. Those who mainly speak only about foreign films. But when they came back from Farouki's painting, they got out of the house in the cinema hall. Much of the criticism of his grammar and language can be criticized. There are many debates. But in the film, the new ball made Mustafa Sarvar Farouki. Art is the most independent of the media. Similarly, Farouki also works on her independence. The debate about the last dive movie is a rare example of our film. As a director of Bangladesh, one of the most talented popular producers, Mostafa Sarwar Farouki

Amitav Reza Choudhury

Successful advertising creators. The first picture is flickering with mirrors. But the film has no personal financial losses, and even mirrors are not invested. He sincerely expressed his honesty as a clear designer. At the same time, a rickshaw is being built to prove its indomitable dependence on the film. The name of Amitabh Reza Choudhury is at the top position in the stars who hope to work with some manufacturers in this country.

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Dipankar Dipan

The success of Dakota Attack has transformed him into a reliable director. It's astonishing that this is his first picture. So the main test will be mainly in the second film. But there was no big deal to deal with distributions to deal with regular producers, in the first movie by Dipan. Instead, it received additional promotion and advantage of the film's marketing. In addition, after the release of the film, the duo Dipangar Dippan and Sanchi Sanvar wounded Daka's double attacks. But in the publication of several pictures he is now equipped. Like giving a new photo. Visitors can also sit in their new movie to compare with Dhaka's attack.

Reyhan Rafi

Outside Shakib, this young builder showed such a tough success to hit the image with a new hero. At the same time, Jazz Multimedia is a unique example for many people who care and create the tallest talent for dance music in the drama "Burmam 2". The following picture showed his Munshiana with "Dahan". But the new picture of Jazz is what will be his new test. At the same time, the creator-hero company is new to the industry. In that case, the successful Chemistry of Siam-Rafi was created.

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