Wednesday , April 21 2021

The film now relies on Eid – Daily Amader Shomoy

For many days, the film has been declining, which this year has become a terrible form. Cinema hall closes one after another. Only 174 movie shows are now displayed for regular viewing. Where the picture takes place in more than 300 films in Eid last year. But the film industry in the country is very much surrounded by eidi of the year. Now what will happen?

The exhibition committee says two festivals have been opened at the festival. It is estimated that the number of halves will be 200 in Eid this year. Even half a month left for Eid. However, this is the start of the Eid's photo contest. Because the only reliance on the film is Eid. One source says that 8 images of Rosar Eid can be released. It is heard that three of these films were shot by Shakib Khan. These are "passwords", "shahnshah" and "naulak". Other films include Rukan and Bobby Hawk starring Biparwa, Tariq Annan Kahn and Sprinsia again Bazant, Avatar in which she starred Mahiah Mahi, actress with actress "Beauty" and newcomer Shant Khan-Neha Amanti (Calcutta) Love Love "So far, five filmmakers have finalized the release. Five of the photos are" Passwords "with Shakib and Bubi, Naulak with Shakib and Bobbi Hawk," Premiere "," Repeat "and" Re-Basant. " it also became sensors of "science", "carelessness" and "spring again".

Although the beginner's sensor began complexity, Producer Shakib Irteza Sonnett said the film had received the sensor. But it is learned that the film was watched by members of the board of Bangladesh film center. They commented on the three scenes that should be removed from the film. Only if you deliver it with the view, the image will be cleared. Yesterday it was said that the board of film censorship in Bangladesh, Muminul Hak, said.

Again photo hero Shakib Khan said, the rest of the picture works. He said: "What is the significance of submitting photos to the censorship of the board of approval before the work is over? The sensor got it again! This question is not clear to me." But this time, Eid Shakib Khan issues a "password" from his own production company. Music has yet to be completed, while the dialogue section is completed.

Shakib said: "Now, the situation in the movie is that everyone wants to publish Eid's photo, then the money returned is available." I am making a picture for the Eid festival of Rhysas, for a few days the song will be recorded outside the country. I will deliver it to the census board at the end of the next month. " Last year, the photo published by Jazz Multimedia was "Béparva", which was last year published on Eid-ul-Aza.

Although the film was released only once. This time, the release of Ja's Chief Executive Officer, Alimulah Kokan, confirmed the release on a large scale. He said: "We waited a long time to release the images, we waited for the good time to upload the pictures, and there was no better time for a movie from Eid." Our image was published only once a year, because most of the visitors had no opportunity to see the picture So we want to release the movie "Eid" in a great way. "In the film directed by director Kalka Raja Raja, the film starring Razzhan and director Bobbi Huck.

Although filming of "Premfor" has not yet been submitted to the censorship board. Salem Kahn, director of the film Shappla Media, said: "Eid is our only hope now, so the picture is raised for Eid." The final release for Eid's release came to Shakib Khan, Nusrat Faria and the newcomer " Shahen Shah ", featuring Rodeela Janat, Maha Mahir's Avatar and Dzhaya Aksan's circus beauty. However, everyone related to the photo recounted that the images can be published on Eid of Raza.

In the hope of getting a business opportunity on the occasion of Eid, the cinemas are owned by the owners. The president of the exhibition and producer Iftkir Uddin Nushad said: "Every year the image is reduced. Whatever is created, most of the images are not standard.

It will not be a whole year with some Shakib Khan pictures, including "The Goddess," Swapnyal, "Bardamann-2" or "Dhan". So we all look forward to Eid picture. Because the producers want to release good stories, erection pictures of Eid. Let's see what happens to this Eid. If something is not good, but the number of halls may fall below 100 in the next year. "

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