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The departure of Tariq Massoud-Mixer Munir

Dhaka: History speaks for a lifetime. History makes people think, chase people. Every day significant events take place in history. Those events happen in history, something good, something first, something that is a blessing-curse on human civilization.

Therefore, everyday history is always important to people. Given this importance, Banglanews readers regularly organize "this day in history".

August 7, Tuesday. 24 Swabana 122 Banga. 1 Zilhai 1 Fiji. Take a look at the significant events that took place in this day of history, including the birth and death of prominent people.

• 1 – Sweden and Denmark peace deal concluded.
• 1 – Hunger strike in Rotterdam begins.
• 1 – The law of India is passed in the Parliament of England.
• 42 – French revolutionaries close royal family.
• 1 – The Central African Republic gains independence from the French colony.
• 1 – Berlin begins construction of id.


1 – Ramesh Chandra Dat, literary and historical writer.
• 1 – John Byrd, television inventor.
• 1 – Sir Alfred Joseph Joseph Hitchcock, English director and producer.
• 120 – Fidel Castro, socialist legendary revolutionary and deceased president of Cuba.


• 1 – HG Wells, English novelist.
• 28 – Tarek Masood, Distinguished Film Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Writer and Writer in Bangladesh.

Mater Moina is his first feature film, which gained international acclaim, including director Fortnite, at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival and was nominated for the first foreign film in Bangladesh for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. He is a founding member of the Short Film Forum, an alternative director organization in Bangladesh. His latest feature film Runway was released on the 21st. In 2002 he was honored with Ekushay Padak, the highest civilian honor in Bangladesh. Tarek Masoud was born in Nurpur village in Wanga district of Sharidpur. The mother's name is Nurun Nahar Masood and the father's name is Mashir Rahman Masood. Tarike Masud, Mishuk Munir, died on August 5 at around 2:30 pm on their way to Dhaka after selecting a paper flower film on August 27.

• 28 – Mishuk Munir, prolific journalist, cinematographer and journalist.

His full name is Esfekh Munir Shoudi. He is the son of martyr intellectual Munir Hoody. Mishuk Munir holds a bachelor's and master's degree in mass communication and journalism from Dhaka University. After completing his studies, he began teaching at the department of mass communication and journalism at the same university. At the age of 5, he left teaching and became a full-time journalist. Mishuk Moon started international television journalism in the country with the responsibility of Head of Operations News on his first trip to Ekushay TV on the 5th. It was founded by Canadian journalist Paul Yoyo on May 26, the international reality television television network. He was also killed along with Tariq Massoud in a manicured car accident on 25 August.

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