Saturday , January 16 2021

The briefing with the journalists of the Minister of Education for the holiday of the educational institution is on Thursday

The Minister of Education on Thursday will decide whether to extend the holidays of all types of educational institutions in the country, which have been closed since March 18 due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic Deep Money.

According to a press release signed by Cairo M.Sc., Information and Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of Education on Wednesday, the Minister of Education will hold a virtual briefing with journalists on the holiday of educational institutions on Thursday at 12 o’clock, in anticipation of the current global epidemic Covid-19.

The link to the briefing will be delivered to the group one hour before the start of the briefing.

It should be noted that all types of educational institutions in the country (except the Kavmi Madrasa) have holidays until October 31. Corona is also likely to have a second injury next winter. In this situation, the government can not prepare for the opening of the educational institution. Corona also had to cancel public examinations such as the Preliminary Final, AD-JDC and HSC.

By the way, the origin of the coronavirus is in Wuhan, China. It has expanded to 213 countries and regions worldwide. The World Health Organization declares Corona a global epidemic.

The first coronary infection was detected in Bangladesh on March 8. The first death occurred in the country on March 16. According to a press release issued by the Ministry of Health on Wednesday, 5,071 people have died from coronavirus in the country in the last 10 months. And the infection was caught in the bodies of 4 thousand 3 thousand 69 people.

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