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The BNP will inform foreigners of Khaleda Zia's health and bail

The BNP will inform foreigners of Khaleda Zia's health and bail

Party leaders met at a permanent meeting of the BNP President's Cabinet in Gulshan. Photo: Collected

Party chairman Khaleda Zia has decided to inform international organizations, including influential countries, about health and bail. The party believes the government controls the judiciary so they will not receive justice. For this, the party wants to put pressure on the government internationally.

In addition, a four-part rally called for the release of Khaled Zia. At the same time, a mass rally will be held in Dhaka on the occasion of the inauguration of the party on September 1.

The decision was made at a meeting of the National Standing Committee in the political office of the BNP president in Shulshan on Saturday.

The meeting also included Tariq Rahman, acting party chairman from London. BNP Secretary-General Mirza Fahrul Islam Alamir, permanent member of the commission Dr. Candace Mosharraf Hossein, Barister Zamiruddin Sarkar, Gayshevar Chandra Roy, Dr. Abdul Moyn Khan, Nasrul Islam Khan, Amir Kasru Mahmoud Shoudi, Begum Selima Rahman and Iqbal Hassan Mahmud Tuku.

Regarding the release of Khaleda Zia at a press conference after the meeting, the BNP secretary said the government had complete control over the judicial system. The meeting discussed what can be done about legal matters. She (Khaleda Zia) has decided to take action internationally on health and liberation. We will inform democratic countries. To bring the problem to the international level.

Concerning the program, Mirza Fahrul said: "We started class rallies in front of Eid. Due to the flood, we are postponing four segmental rallies. I wanted to hold four segmental rallies in August, but this month the government will not allow it again. So we decided to hold four segmental rallies from the beginning of September.

On September 7, the BNP Secretary-General said the program would be rolled out in counties and caterers across the country on the anniversary. Hold a rally in Dhaka. It was decided to hold a central meeting the following day.

Concerning Dengue, Mirza Fahrul said: "We have learned in the newspapers that the situation in Dengue will be worse." But unfortunately, medicine has not yet reached the ground. We talked about taking urgent measures, they didn't. We talked about giving dengue treatment indiscriminately, it was not given.

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