Friday , April 16 2021

The BNP is protesting against Zahid

The Thakurgaon-3 electoral unit was chosen by ignoring the party's decision. Yahidur Rahman Zahid sworn in as BNP There is a buzz that there are at least four other groups on the road to Zahid. Emergency Response Meetings of the National Standing Committee at the party's highest political forum were called to the overall situation.

Party sources say the meeting will take place at the presidential political office in Gulshan on Saturday night.

According to sources, Yahidur Rahman Zahid was sworn in by breaking the party's decision, the meeting was called on to mainly decide on what could be taken against him. In addition to violating the decision of the party, after considering the decision of the leader of the People's Party, Mokubir Khan, the BNP is considering keeping it in the party council.

Although Genofhor nominated Sultan Mohamed Mansour, he was sworn in as a member of parliament, he did not make such a decision for Mokubir Khan. The GNP has reviewed the overall situation of the party and the BNP will correct its job.

MP in the county of Takurgaon-3 was elected MP Zahidur Rahman Zahid suffers from the "unpleasant" senior leaders of the BNP. Party General Secretary Mirza Fahrul, Islam Alamir, said organizational arrangements would be made against him after swearing that he did not respect the order of the party.

Yahid was sworn in on Thursday (April 25th) before the party's decision despite deciding not to join parliament by rejecting the results of eleven parliamentary elections.

Earlier, Sultan Mohammad Mansour, elected in the county of Moulvabazar-2, and Mokbeer Kahn, elected from the election district of Sylhet-2, took the oath of rice from the nomination Ganoform.

The grand alliance led by Sheikh Hasini won 288 of the 299 seats in the 11 parliamentary elections that took place on December 30th.

The main National Intelligence Front led by the BNP received only eight seats. And as a separate candidate, three members were elected as deputies.

Through this, Sheikh Hasina assumed the post of Prime Minister of Bangladesh for the third term on January 7th and the prime minister for the fourth time. The new cabinet members swore that day under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina.


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