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The Best World Cup XI

The popular review website ESPNcricinfo chose the best player at the World Cup. None of the people in Bangladesh got the place. A maximum of 4 Australians are on the list. Pakistan and Sri Lanka have two people. And one of the cricketers of India, South Africa and West India has reached the top XI at all times. Imran Kan of Pakistan was selected by the captain and chose 22 players from the Cricinfo team. It is divided into two openings with four specialist players, two all amplifiers and three wrestling specialists. Only Sri Lanka Kumar Sangakara and South Africa Lance Kloser do not taste the World Cup. Capil Dev, the first Indian captain to win the World Cup (1983), was not available in the top XI at all times. First Australian World Cup champion (1987) Alan Border

The first pair is Australian champion Adam Gilkrist and Indian Sachin Tendulkar. Former captain of Australia, Ricky Ponting, third place Four West Indies legends Viv Richards Kumar Sankkara of Sri Lanka Pakistan, all predecessors, Imran Khan South Africa Lance Kloser Legendary leftist Vasim Akram Shane Vain, the legendary batsman in ninth place. Muttiah Muralitharan of the best Sri Lanka is an off-factory at all times Australian right-hand man, Glenn McGrath is on the eleventh position.

Adam Gilchrist (Wicket-keeper): 31 matches, 1085 races, 36.16 average, 52 dismissals Disappointing opponents Adam Gilchrist won the Australian World Championships in 1999, 2003 and 2007. He played 149 against Sri Lanka in the 2007 World Cup final.

Sachin Tendulkar: 45 games, 2278 tracks, 56.95 average, 6 centuries. The highest World Cup player in 1996 and 2003. His second highest World Cup result in 2011 India champions in the final of the tournament ends Sri Lanka

Ricky Ponting: 46 matches, 1743 tracks, 45.86 average, 5 centuries. Ricky Ponting, a member of the Australian World Cup 1999 team, Australian captain in the 2003 and 2007 World Cup championship, Ponting is invincible 140 against India in the 2003 World Cup finals.

Viv Richards: 23 matches, 1013 tracks, 63.31 average, 3 centuries. Sir Vivian Richard played an important role in becoming West Indies champion in the first two editions of the World Cup. In 2015, the jury board chose him as one of the best players in ODI history.

Kumar Sankakra: 37 competitions, 1532 tracks, 56.74 average, 5 centuries. Kumar Sankarra scored a record four centuries at the 2015 World Cup. He is the highest scorer in the left side of the national team. He also holds the record for most layoffs in military exercises.

Imran Khan (captain): 28 matches, 666 races, 35.05 strokes on average, 34 caps, 19.26 averages for bowling. Imran gave Pakistan the first and only World Cup in 1992, taking the first and only World Cup.

Lance Kluzerer: 14 matches, 372 stages, 124 average strokes, 22 wickets, 22.23 wrestling average. If South Africa won the World Cup in 1999, it would have been the Lancashire World Cup. Unfortunately, in the semifinals, it is lost dramatically in Australia, the All-rounder protest is scared.

Wasim Akram: 38 matches, 55 wickets, 23.83 wrestling average. In the final of 1992, Vasim Akram's magic against England helped Pakistan win the Adelar title.
Pakistan then played in the 1999 final in his captaincy

Shane Warne: 17 matches, 32 wickets, 19.50 wrestling average. In the 1996 and 1999 World Cup semi-finals, Australia saw Shane Warne blame. Varney in the 1999 World Cup final.

Muttija Muralitarian: 40 matches, 68 wickets, 19.63 wrestling average. In 1996, Mutathia Muralitaran came to play his first World Cup. The offshore factory also played an important role in bringing Sri Lanka to the final in the 2011 edition.

Glenn McGrath: 39 matches, 71 wickets, 18.19 wrestling average. The World's Most Sufficient Kettle In the 2007 edition, he scored the highest ODI record at 26 watts, including the hat-trick. And won the title of the best player of the year.

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