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The best Williamson in the tournament due to Shakib

New Zealand captain Cain Williamson won the Man of the Tournament award despite the name of Shakib Al Hasan of Bangladesh on the list of tournament players. Former captain of England, Nasser Hussein, said that Man of the Tournament's announcement, the Expert Committee for the Man of the tournament, except Williamson, named Shakib Al Hasan of Bangladesh, Rohit Sharma of India and Mitchell Starc from Australia. Williams was at the top of the list of top players in the tournament, Rohit Sharma, Australian David Warner and Shakib Al Hasan. Initially, he saved New Zealand several times from the danger of being a man of the tournament, the award was won. Williamson became a famous character for New Zealand.

Among cricket fans from Bangladesh, there was already the expectation that Shakib Al Hasan won the "Man of the tournament" award. The outlook for cricket lovers from Bangladesh came to the fore, through social media. One of the reasons for this expectation was the MCC Fantasy League. Shakib was at the top position with the highest point in the Fantasy League. Television media and analysts also put Shakib at the top of the Man of the tournament. But after finishing everything, Williamson won the Man of the Tournament Award.

Casting and Captaincy of Kane Williamson

Kane Williamson, who scored 578 races in 10 games, is the fourth highest in the World Cup. New Zealand won wild three games by winning this tournament. The first pair of New Zealand could not make significant races without winning a 10-match win against Sri Lanka in the first game. Kane Williamson was in the role of New Zealand Trot in a bat with a bat. New Zealand captain, 79 v. Afghanistan, 106 against South Africa and 148 against West Indies. Basically, winning the first five matches helps New Zealand enter the semifinals. In the semifinals, he played a score of 67 against India, which helped him win the match later. Williamson was out of 30 races in the final match.

Williamson, who took four watt for 80 races against South Africa, New Zealand lost two watts for 7 races against West Indies, and Williamson was in the role of repairing innings. In the semifinals against India, he excited the team with a great ability to compete with 240 races, including Fifty.

Williamson's captain praised the whole tournament. Especially after winning the first three games, when New Zealand was in difficult situations, Williamson led this side of the front. In addition to the lead on the side, Williamson also has an excellent captain of low capital for the team to reach the next round. The victory of two fines against Bangladesh, a 4-point victory against South Africa and a victory of five riders against the West Indies, Williamson's position in the field and the wrestling changes in intelligence and decision-making

Shakib Al Hasan, on the other hand, showed the best performance among all rounders in the history of the World Cup. Shakib went out of the game with eight bats Shakib collected 606 races in eight innings. His average is 86.57 in the average tournament. In eight games, Shakib scored 50 points in seven rebounds. It has two centuries. His lowest score in the tournament is 41. Shakib took 11 watt in eight games In the history of the World Cup, Shakib took 600 races and became the only player to score more than 10 penalties.

But in the end, Shakib Al Hasan's team finished the tournament with eight points from Bangladesh. The entire performance of the team may have become the biggest controller behind Shakib's best place to be. An important aspect of the Man of the tournament is to consider how successful the success of a person is in the team's success. -BBC

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