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That was the first three days

Eid is one of the most convenient television shows. Each time, different TV channels in the country organized different programs. Most channels are organized six or seven days. However, some TV channels will air for eight to ten days. Meanwhile, the first three days of Eid are over. The audience enjoyed the difference on different occasions during these three days. More than six hundred plays are expected to be united in organizing this year's Eida. Big changes have been noticed in the stories of the shows that have already aired. Roger Eid was accused of promoting the same kind of romantic story drama. Now, in the first three days, the accusations are far from over. Because romantic plays were the main target of massages, comedies and thrillers this time around. However, the audience was dissatisfied with Eid's ongoing drama. Because it's very difficult to watch a series of six or seven episodes at a time each day. Meanwhile, TV channels broadcast various programs, including magazines, movies, movie songs, concerts, dances, games, live music, star shows, children's programs and programs. Except for extraordinary arrangements, this time it became less and less disturbing as advertisements. Television channels have tried to promote less advertising in the program. Some channels also promoted shows for short breaks. In the meantime, viewers enjoy drama and television on YouTube to avoid being offended by advertising. On TV channels, many of the shows aired on the day can be seen on the YouTube channel at night or the next day. Anand Mela magazine, which aired on Eid ul-Hitr on Bangladeshi television, was equally acknowledged. The show was packed with diversity in the presentation by Firatika Ferdus and Pope. Also on the same channel was the film "Hayhand" with songs from the film and the double music of Arnav and Mitila was in the audience. Meanwhile, the program "Seasonal Live Kitchen-2" broadcast on ATN Bangla was also praised. On the same channel, Eid-ul-Jitter airs on the occasion of the play "Innobl News", compiled and directed by Hanif. The performance, made by not distorting the language and calling for genuine love for the mother tongue, was singularly extraordinary. The same channel was broadcast. Mahfuzur Rahman's solo concert was also well discussed. Also featured was the well-known Punchafurdan magazine program on Jagun Audio Vision, which aired on ATN Bangla. The farmers, Eid Anand, a play about farmers, also brought a great deal of joy to the audience in planning, directing and presenting Sheikh Siraj on Channel I. Each show on the show and reports abroad were quite interesting. Also, the famous family literary and TV personality of Faridur Reza Sagar, the series "Shota Kaku", based on the famous novel "Empty Kali Nohali", receives praise. Viewers liked the play "Pillow Bilas" in the same channel, written and directed by Ferdus Hassan. He was praised by Ekushey's television drama "Jamemai". The same channel drama, "I Want to Get Your Finger" and the comedy "Eucache Aid Dol" was a favorite fan. Ahead of Aid, the popular drama "Grammar" aired on NTV. Beyond that was the same channel drama "The Perfect Woman" and the telecast "Case 1". Sisimpur was also aired on RTV this year, which was at the heart of the children's choice. Also in the same channel was the overrated drama Metiv and Matt. Life insurance, which aired on BanglaVision, gained a large audience. Performances on the same channel, "Maya Is Not Like Everybody," also boasted "Relationships" and "Arrogant Kajal." The seven-episode drama "Baharatha" also drew audiences. The Baisaki TV drama "Sudden Celebrity" was discussed. Viewers liked the Mirror Motti television broadcast on the same channel. In addition, the "Funny Moment" event was a delight. The cartoon "Uncle's nephew" aired on fishing TV is praised by children. The single "Kidnapped" was also discussed in the single. The program, "Marriage Material" and "Night Star," airing on the same channel, was in discussion. The play "Do You Know Your Danger?" Was a talk about a different story being aired on Channel Nine. The audience also liked the TV channel Romeo Juliet and the solo drama "Last Afternoon Light". The Hayhand program was praised for the songs of the films aired on the village television. Also on the same channel was the single play "Phoenix Bird Song" that was discussed. Gazi's stand-alone drama "Joint Family" was known. Viewers liked the "Damnation" telecast broadcast on the same channel. The show, which airs on Asian television, has been praised by audiences.
Eid Spicey Kitchen is praised for being a different TV show on Radiant TV. The solos "Maya" and "No Exit" also loved the audience. Mr. Eidman's serial drama, aired on Citizen Television, is in the audience. The same channel also aired the acclaimed serial drama "Three Ghosts of the Ghost" and the single "Sweet Sixteen". From Day Aid to Day Seven, Durant TV praised the current "Fairy Tailor".

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