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Taxes of taxpayers on decent income tax –

Taxpayers have this pressure
The National Board of Revenue meeting (NBR) organized by the trade fair has never been seen before
Officer Syed A, Mu & # 39; man

Friday 9am
The pressure of taxpayers is difficult to access to the premises of the Mel officer club. After the fair
The authorities are in line with taxpayers at the southern and eastern gates of the officers' club

Officers club at that time
The Bailey Road folk line goes to Hair Road. Again
The eastern gate line of the officers' club is located under the path of Shaheed Mansur Ali Sarani
Stop coming at the head of the road. The area is also becoming popular.

Interested taxpayers
The organizers of the fair are very fluent with the pressure. Pressure from the beginning of the day
Officials work very fast on their duties: three hours of aircraft work
In the meantime, many taxpayers' pressure was under control.

Then at 1:00 on a larger scale
One hour is given for prayer. Release of the tax return again from 14:00
The pressure of taxpayers has reached the right level when they started, almost everyone came to the fair at the end of the day
Returning to the income tax declaration, you can see the income tax return.

NBR public relations in this area
Officer Mu & # 39; man said, "We're at the fair on Friday morning
Come to Bailey Road Officer & # 39; s Club, and the whole area around you has become very large.
There is nothing to remember.

"In the history of the tax file
I have never seen so many taxpayers in one day. "

Taxpayers fill out the form at the income tax fair at the officer club of the Bank, Bailey Road on Friday.

Taxpayers fill out the form at the income tax fair at the officer club of the Bank, Bailey Road on Friday.

The taxpayer's pressure is a bit
After starting the NBR leadership at 15.00. Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan told reporters
"The main feature of this year's trade fair is the presence of more taxpayers than any past.
In the meantime, young taxpayers are more. All NBR officers today provide record-breaking services
Supported. "

He said, now honest
Assuming that the pressure of people can increase – they already have a bank stand
I stopped it. Its advantages have been found today.

"Now the most modern
As an agreement, we took the initiative to provide e-TIN. Over 15,000 in the last three days
The taxpayer took e-TIN. "

Taxes before getting caught
The NBR chairman warns taxpayers to be good to themselves.

He said: "We learn
Before you leave, you will receive the best income tax and leave. Otherwise, Dhaka-Chittagong, including the second
In big cities, we will conduct a survey about houses, apartment owners or businessmen. "

Returns of income tax at the fair
The Asia and Pacific University network administrator will report to Abdul
Latif Pathan said, "To accurately send a tax return
That's why I came back to the fair and I volunteered. Last year, I was a lawyer from a lawyer
I sent. But the lawyer has made a forgotten return. Even my FDR
He did not come to I came here and I made a precise return.

"All benefits here
I'm happy that I can meet. "

Dutch bank Bangla
Officer Shahjahan Kabir said: "At the Circle office, I can never pay Christmas taxes
No But here we can. So I went to the fair. This is how worried I am
You need information, get it. "

The collection on the fourth day of 253
15 million

The fourth edition of the income tax fair
On Friday, total income was raised to 253 crore 15 lakh 81 thousand This number last year
About 17 percent more than the same day at the fair.

Returns the day
It has 75 thousand 736 people. This number is 41 percent higher than on the fourth day of the previous year.

All services received
2 lakh 88 thousand 46 people This number is 48 percent higher than the fourth day of last year's fair.

New E-TIN notification
It has 3,651 people, or about 120 percent more than last year.

Meanwhile, generally
Until the fourth day in the tax on tax income, tax collection exceeded 1 677 TK. Return
Donated over 6,000 taxpayers. It is almost a tax service
9 million people

Eight departments of this country,
In 77 places, including 51 districts and 18 upakilach, an income tax fair is held.

Returns of income tax at the fair
Reporting, e-TIN accept (new and old), e-payment, e-notification and electronic payment system
They are also.

Freedom fighter who came to the fair,
Different cabins for women, disabled and elderly taxpayers. Farewell to taxpayers
For convenience, TSC, Rampura, Bailey Road, Motijheel, Mirpur and Uttara 15
Shuttle buses are involved.

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