Saturday , September 18 2021

Tarek Masoud is the winner of the short film competition

Injam Hassan, the winning producer of the third edition of the competition, acts as coordinator. According to the organizers, as other times, this time there was a huge reaction from young producers. A total of 58 films were submitted despite the epidemic. The last 10 pictures were selected from there. The films are “Mistake in 404” by Shreya Chaudhry and Anik Chander, “Aguane” by Novera Hassan, “Before the Law” by Prince Al Karim, “Bioscope” by Wahid Rai, “Interval” by Fahard Hassan Fahad, “Lottery” by K .М. Konak, “Nor Alam” Miniang ‘, “Nianta N Reality” by Rad Ahmed Fuad, “Nothing Happened That Night” by Rudranil Ahmed, “The Endless Circle” by Arunav Bill. Hence, the names of the best three films were announced on Sunday night.

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