Sunday , April 11 2021

Talking about the phone with Joy, fans can

Jaya Ahsan.

Dzia Aksan. Photo gathered

Jaya Achsan, a popular heroine of two Bengals Fans were not interested in talking to the heroine, which took place in the heart of the audience, acting in several films at different times.

Fans can talk to this heroine at the height of popularity.

Fans will be able to talk directly with Xia. This opportunity is created jointly by Banglalink and Live Entertainment.

Not just words. Fans can also ask Jaya if they want.

This phase of the conversation will start from 8 am on April 8. If fans want to call any number on Banglalink 22288, then Jaya Aksan will get it.

In a video message, Xiao said: "I am your Yaya Aksan. Banglalink and Live Entertainment have made a great opportunity to chat with the viewers.

At 8:00 am on Saturday night I will be in the zone of the star zone, just talk to you. I will wait for you. "

Along with the modeling of Djaya Aksan and the television drama, she also earned a great reputation with acting in the film. Besides Bangladesh, he also worked in the films of West Bengal. As an acknowledgment, he earned three National Film Awards, two Filmfare Awards and other awards.

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