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"Take a lady storm in social media

There are many events that hit the movie through the songs. For now, the song was released before the release of the picture. Recently a song called "Ladies Pay" was released. After the release of the song, Rihimata raised the storm. And this song was promoted to bands by the Frid Syan team picture.

In this song, Mamta Sharma and Shahid Maliya gave voice. He wrote Kamar. Eli Abram, Arshad Varsi and Saurra Sukla danced with this song. The choreography of the film's choreography is as hot as the choreography.

Sourav Srivastava directed the movie "Fried Sian". Produced by Prakash Jha. Arshad Varshi, Saurava Shukla and Sarah Lawrence played the leading role in this film.

The main attraction of the film is the song, the audience saw one item in this film, The Dance, "Hamma Hamma" After this song, the song "Ladies get" created a storm in social media.


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