Monday , June 14 2021

Tahsan, comrades Mehjabin and Kina

The song released on the YouTube channel Gocilil Music The title of the song "Who knows why?" And musician Kana and actress Mejajin Chowdhury joined Taheen in this song!

Has Kanah started to work? No Yes it is not. Originally a short film, Kantha gave the floor to Tahsan. Tahsan also played a music video, and Mehjabin is with him!

On Thursday (November 15) the video was released in the form of "Who knows who the song" Mahmudur Rahman Himi, who made a short film entitled "Breath" for Baisakrap Auriginal. That this song was also used. The song is published separately for the promotion.

"Who knows why" written by the famous songwriter Asif Iqbal Amit-Ishan in melody and music. Taishan said the song was made according to history. The video and audio songs were very good. I hope that both of these songs and films will be liked by the public.

Singer Kana praised the song, saying it is a very good song. I am quite optimistic about the song.

Asif Iqbal, adviser to songwriter and song producer, producer and songwriter Asif Iqbal, said if the film was not seen, he would not be able to understand the song without hearing the song. Calling everyone to listen to the song.

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