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Syed Zakia Noor submitted nomination papers

Syed Zakia Noor Kishoreganj-1 (Kishoreganj Sadar-Hossainpur Upazila) Awami Re-election Act Gera Former Secretary General Syed Ashraful Islam, the younger sister of the deceased Syed Nor Zakia filed candidature documents as a candidate for the Awami League.

On Wednesday afternoon, in the deputy commissioner's office, he submitted nominee documents to the district's district envoy and assistant repatriation officer Mohamed Tahul Islam with leaders and workers.

Former General Secretary of the Awami League and former Minister of Public Administration Sidé Ashraf Islam won a symbol on board five times from Kishoregagny-1 (Kishoregan Sadar and Hosenpur Upazila) in 1996. In July last year, he was admitted to the Bomungrad Hospital in Thailand for lung cancer. He was elected as the candidate of the A-Bahamas in the Kishoregay-1 election district on December 30 in the election of Jatiya Sangsad. But before the oath ceremony on January 3 at 22:00 Side Ashraful Islam died. After his death, the Kishoregagni-1 election district will be held on February 28.

Besides Kishoreganj-1, after the re-election of the election unit Kishoreganj-1, the younger brother Saeed Safayet Ulan Islam and the sister Sieda Zakiya Nour were also present. Senior Joint Secretary Shah Azizul Hake of the Kivaregan Awami League area, political assistant Moshir Rahman and Prime Minister. The great leadership of Abdul Hamid, Russell Ahmed, the military secretary general of the league, Mr. Hanan, gathered the nominations.

Later, Sieda Zakiya Nour was nominated for a meeting of the nominated board of the parliamentary and local government of the Awami League.

The final date for submitting the nomination papers according to the schedule announced by the Election Commission is January 31, the nomination papers will be selected on February 3, and the deadline for withdrawal is February 10. And the elections will be held on February 28th.

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