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Swan Lent for Husband: -828208 | The voice of time

The first year of her marriage to Roshan Singh, so this time Karnataka Haut celebrates the actress in Kolkata Hrabanti Hattopadi. The actress shared a photo of Karba Haut on social media Thursday. However, not only Crabanti, but also with him, Swami Roshan Singh, fasting Carba Haut.

The actress signed up to Rosa Singh's Karba Hood fasting social media. Sharabanti shared a photo of Sal, sandwich, jewelry and floral dress with Karba Haut on the caption and wrote: "Thank you, I want my partner for fasting in the day." Roshan Singh shared a photo of Caribbean Hut.

What is Caribbean Hut? After the first full moon of the Kartik month, Indian women follow Karba IV's vow on the fourth day of the Krishna party. Husbands performed this vow in the welfare of their husbands who once went to war. Later, all the wives began to practice this watch. And in this way the covenant of this Carbahout is spread among all.

The word Karba means curry, and the fourth word means fourth tit. And these two words come from the word Carba Haut. On Caribbean Day, women buy new curry, theft, gold jewelry. Those who practice this covenant usually do not eat anything from sunrise to sunset. In the evening, the women heard the vow of Carba Houth, reciting the clergy in new sisters, jewelry, mehendi.

Then, after seeing the moon on the fourth Titus sieve, the wives who took the water took the husband's hand. This is how the Karbat Houth covenant has been celebrated for a long time. Non-Bengali Hindu women are usually found to respect this covenant. A genius

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