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Sudan coach claims Messi did not vote

Lionel Messi won last year's FIFA Player of the Year award, behind Virgil von Dijke and Cristiano Ronaldo. And after the award, there was a lot of discussion and criticism. This time, two people filed charges against FIFA. His voice changed the claim of Sudan coach Dravko Logarucic. And Nicaragua skipper Juan Barrera said he was not voting.

FIFA revealed on its website who voted for the award. Social media is also being discussed. Also, the vote given by Sudan's coach has been criticized in his country. Many fans, especially African delegates, have been criticized for voting for Messi-Dickes. Then the work was noticed by Dravko Logarisic.

Later on Twitter, he said Mohammed, not Messi, had voted for Salah. He gave her evidence. He also uploads a photo of the forum where he voted for his favorite contestant. In an interview with Nairobi News, he also angered: "I voted for Salah in the first place, two for Saidio Mani and three for Kilian Mbape. After that, I put together a photo of the voting app. But after that I don't know how it happened. "

After the final result was revealed, Lionel Messi was Logarsh's first choice. Virgil von Dyke in second and Sadio in third. Nicaragua's captain, like Logarucich, complained. "I didn't vote for the FIFA Bat Award," he said on social media Twitter. If there is any information then that is a lie, thank you. & # 39;

Mohammed Salah is believed to be one of the candidates for FIFA this year. But Egypt's coach Jacqui Garib could not vote. Egypt's captain Ahmed El Mohamadi could not. FIFA canceled its voting because they had voted after a certain period. But in an interview with African News claiming to have voted on August 5, the captain said: "Ask FIFA why my vote is not registered." However, FIFA has not received any information on the basis of their complaints.

Messi became the FIFA player of the year with 5 points. Liverpool star Virgil von Dijke's Dutch defender, with five points. Ronaldo's third-place ranking is 5th.

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