Sunday , April 11 2021

Sourav's eyes in the semifinals

The World Cup starts at twenty-two, and the remainder of the month Cricket will take nearly a quarter of the 10 matches in England and Wales on May 30. Who will enjoy the millions of visitors in the world. It will be concluded by signing the team's title on July 14 at the London Cricket.

In the meantime, the participating teams announced their full membership. Predictions are also made for potential champions or for all those things that can be stuck in the World Cup. Will everyone be left out of the sunshine or why? He also predicted the future of the 12th World Cup semi-finalist.

Sourav Ganguly is very excited about the World Cup this year. After the World Cup in 1992, the round-line league will be held in the system this year. So, he thinks this year will be a big deal. Each team will face before the semifinals.

Referring to India's claims for the World Cup in an interview with PTI, Captain Sourav said: "I will choose India, Australia, England and Pakistan for four places in the semifinals.

Add Sourav, there is no easy opponent in this World Cup. It will be one of the best places at the World Cup. India is very strong, they are favorites in every tournament. This format for the World Cup is probably the best. The best four teams will play each other in the semifinals. There is no easy opponent.

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