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Skywalker survived a major accident

Akashvina, the first Bangladeshi Airlines driller, has been rescued from major accidents. The plane crashed on Friday when it landed at Jalalal International Airport from Doha to Sillette. The information was leaked to the pilot log source.

In the log (page-M227), the pilot landed an abnormal landing when a Boeing 4 Drinliner (BG-227) plane landed in Jahjalal. The size (center of gravity) was HG + 2.2. According to Boeing, a US aircraft manufacturer, the normal level in this case is FG + 1.2. Experts say any aircraft landing gear could be broken due to such abnormal landing. The plane can be knocked off the runway. Even the plane can crash.

The source of the diary also said that despite such a major incident, the pilot went cold with all the work. According to the rules, in such an event the pilot will have to record the entire incident in the log before leaving the cockpit. The aircraft engineer shall notify the engineer concerned. At the same time, the FIU branch of the Civil Aviation Authority should be notified. In this case, the aircraft is only allowed for the next flight operation, after checking that all parts related to the previous landing gear are in order.

But the mysterious piece of information is that – even after such a major incident, flight pilots have avoided all the work. They didn't even include it in the diary. It is reported that the pilot and crew on the next flight arrived at the cockpit and discovered that the plane had landed abnormally. Then they searched the screens and found out the whole incident. They then enter the log in the log.

Aircraft Director (Materials Engineering and Management) Group Captain (returnee) Saljadur Rahim acknowledged the fact of the unusual landing and told Juttarar that there was no luck in damaging the aircraft. He said that after learning of the incident, spare parts, including aircraft landing gear, were inspected by the engineering department. He knows that everything is fine in the audit.

He said investigations into why and under what circumstances the pilot made this unusual landing will be investigated. On condition of anonymity, a civil aviation flight operations engineer told Fugentar that an unusual landing of the flight could occur. For this, environmental conditions will have to be taken into account. They will learn how the plane landed at an altitude of 4,000 feet above the CDM (Flight Data Monitor). In addition, time will follow at that time. If the pilot detects negligence in the investigation, he will send a letter to the aircraft to take action against those affected.

Third Dreamliner & # 39; Gangchil & # 39; Adds to Airport: Meanwhile, Prime Minister Sheikh Yassina will inaugurate the third "Boanging 7 Dreamliner" Gangchil, the world's latest technology being added to the airport. Dreamliner & # 39; Gangchil & # 39; will begin its commercial journey on a BG-127 flight from Abu Dhabi at 9:30 pm.

According to the plane's Public Relations Department, the third Boeing 7 Sunblocker Gangil from the Bangladesh Airlines is arriving on July 25. Gangchil landed in Seattle directly from Seattle without any interruption. Meanwhile, the number of planes at the airport was 5. The Dreamliner, which is capable of flying 5 hours a day, will require 25 percent less fuel than other planes. Gangil seats 20, of which the business class is 28 and the economy class 20. Business-class seats with up to 6-degree seating capacity and flat-bottomed passengers will be able to travel comfortably and comfortably.

A panoramic LED C-monitor is in front of every seat on the plane, according to a report signed by Tahira Kandaker, deputy general manager of the public relations branch. At the same time, Warner's Flight Entertainment System (IFE) will feature more than 4 classic blockbuster movies. Passengers will also get access to Wi-Fi while flying over 4,000 feet above sea level on the latest Boeing 3-5 Dreamliner. With Wi-Fi on board, each passenger can access 5 MB of internet for free for 5 minutes.

It should be noted that Prime Minister Sheikh Yassina has chosen all the names of the four Boeing aircraft associated with the airport. These are Palaki, Arun Late, Akash Pradeep, Ranka Morning, Cloud, Peacock, Akashivina, Hansbalaka, Gangchil and Rajas.

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