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Single height gauge || Game || The voice of on

Sports reporter. Chris Gale made a new history. The legendary bat is now the tallest player in the fifty-plus West Indies jersey. Gail made this history Sunday in Queens Park, Port of Spain. The 7-year-old Caribbean bat is impressed by the legendary Brian Lara. In ODI, Lara bowled for 5 races. And Gale's collection is now 3 runs.

Givenchy Chandrapool is third on West Indies' top scorer after Chris Gale and Brian Lara. His score was 5. Then came fourth and fifth, respectively, Desmond Chain and Vivian Richards, respectively. Chaines 'run is 1, and Vivian Richards' score is 127.

Gail referred to the milestone in the sixth West Indies capital against India. Khalil Ahmed took a single by pushing the ball into the third man and made a name for himself in West Indies cricket history. Lara had five centuries, including five centuries, in the curtains. Gale has so far achieved 24 centuries and six half-centuries. Gail is the only cricketer in his country's double-century jersey in ODI careers. He made a terrific 28-minute stand against Zimbabwe in Canberra at the World Cup.

However, Gale's arrival on Sunday did not last long. He was dropped in the following period by writing a history of hitting Lara. Chris Gale opens with Evin Lewis. Gail got off to a quick start and played just 20 balls and went on to become a LBW scorer. What's in it? Before that, however, Gail took it to another height. Gail made another record that day. This time he took the throne of Lara. Brian Lara holds the record for most West Indies ODIs. He played 20 ODIs from 1 to 20. The record was in his possession for a long time. However, on Sunday, Gail outlived Lara. On this day, he went on to play international career day one.

Earlier on Thursday, Gale could make history at Providence Stadium in Guyana. Gail had the opportunity in the first match of the ODI India-West Indies series. But that match was abandoned in the rain. The third one-day competition began at 7:30 pm on Wednesday.

Chris Gale was very weak at the recently concluded World Cup. He was due to bid farewell to international cricket shortly after the England and Wales World Cup. But in the middle of the tournament, he said he would like to play another test for the country. Gail didn't like the West Indies cricket board. Because he was not included in the squad for the first Test against India. He has scored 122 races in five matches on average of 12.4 in white cricket. He also has a stall of 5 races.

The famous "Universal Boss" played the last test four years ago. Gail was last seen in a white dress against Bangladesh on the 21st. He did not play the tests again. That is why the West India Cricket Board decided not to leave Gail. After the ODI series, West Indies will play the first of two tests against India on 22 August. The second and final test match of the series will be on August 5.

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