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Shimla is now a resident of Mumbai! … -741386 | Caller Kanto

For whom was the plane hijacked, for which the actress of Palash Shimla now lives? The question is that many people are rotting.

Palach's Facebook profile shows that Palash had an affair with Sima. There were also some intimate moments in photos there. Since April 2011, close-ups of two people have been recorded. And share the good and evil of their relationship with that social network over that year. It is also celebrated in September for a year.

Shimla is currently in Mumbai, India. Because Bangladesh's number is closed. She lives for a long time in the Mira area of ​​Mumbai.

On Sunday, BG-147 flight was scheduled to depart from Khazrat Shahyalal International Airport in Dhaka on Sunday, at 17 o'clock, and arrive at Chittagong via Chitagong. The plane was captured by the hijackers after flying from Dhaka. Later, the flight of Bieman Bangladesh landed at the landing at Shatagong International Airport in Shah Amanat at 17:40. The BG-147 flight with 134 passengers and 14 crew members moved to Dubai from Chitagong in Dhaka.

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