Thursday , April 22 2021

Shibir secret meeting was held in the custody of 23 leaders and activists, including bomas

23 Shibir activists detained with a secret meeting

23 Shibir activists detained with a secret meeting

Police arrested 23 leaders of leader Jessore Chhatra Shibir, college teachers and four different bombs, organizational books and a banner in various camps.

Police arrested them during a secret meeting in Hyatt-Shahpur Hafizi Madraza in Monirumpur, Jessore on Friday.

The organization's leaders called for a "Compulsory Partnership Education Campaign 19".

The detainees are: Jessore District Islami Chhatra Shibir, Secretary of Abdullah Abdullah, Kunta Dumuria, Chancellor Monirul Islam, Jessore Moshir Rahman, Shamim Hossein, Keshabpur, Habig Hasan (15) from the village of Sagarparura, Bilal Hosein (19) from the village of Bhaklukgar, village Mirzanagar Siraul Islam (25), Russel Kabir (17), Hannu from the village Mampampur village Jampa Enamul (18) from the village, Abu Mura (19) from the village Kalia, Ahad (27) Shayamkur, Sajim Hossein (15) from the village of Noali, Yassin Arafat (16) from the village of Nanghakat, The Muh Shakib (18) from Shahpur village, Gulam Azam from Kedapara 21), Kalidur Rahman from the village of Gelda, 20, Saiful Islam, 21, from the village of Pargajaara, Mahfuz (19) from Rohit, Mahdi (20) and Bapi Hossein (18) from the village of Khazracati, the village of Monirul from the village of Ratnishwar (1), and Israfil Hossain (17) and the village Madanpur Masum Billah (6).

The local Secretary General of Hayat Pur Awami, Golam Rasul, said Haitapur-Shahpur Hafizi Madrasa is mainly led by Jamaat's local leader, Selim Jahangir. Activists from Shibir came and secretly held a meeting with students from Mimraza from different areas around Keshabpur around 11 pm Friday. After the news was published, police arrested 23 people.
Meanwhile, Upazilla Jamaat Amer Maulana Liakwat Hossein said that she organized a meeting with Chattrashibir activists each year to decide on Ramyan's purity. The discussion was held on Friday morning in Hyatt-Shahpur Hafizi Madraza. Police arrested some people after receiving the news.

Inspector for Maniripur police station (investigation) S. M. Enamul Huck said the police went there to news about the Shibir meeting in Haitapur-Shahpur Hafizi Madraz of the current city. Police found police presence while others fled, but police arrested 23 activists. Four bombs, a banner and some books of the organization were found from the spot.

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