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Separating Sarah-Cartic!

Sarah Ali Khan and Kartik Aryan. Photo: Collected

The most discussed couple in the hall are Sarah Ali Khan and Kartik Aryan. The two are often seen camping together in different places. When B-Town has no idea of ​​their relationship, there is talk of a separation between the two.

Media reports in the News reported that there was a loud cinema storm due to Saravak's split. Kartik, or already, forbade anyone to take pictures with him. Kartik has decided that he should pay more attention to his career.

However, Sarah herself or her career now want to give more priority. And because of the complexity of the relationship, Bollywood Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan's daughter doesn't want to get involved. Instead, he wants to increase his contacts through work.

According to sources, Sara-Cartic was following the path of separation between the two. So it is believed that these two stars will never see each other in reality. However, they will soon be seen together on the silver screen.

We'll see Sarah Ali Khan tomorrow in a duet nowadays in pairing with his crush Cartic Arian. The first installment of the film, directed by Imtiaz Ali, was released in 27, starring Sarah Saif Ali Khan and Depika Padukone's parents. It is heard that the 2020 Death Day will be announced on the 2020 Death Day.

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