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Sala-Mark Jasmin Prison –

On Sunday, he surrendered before the High Court directive
Damascus Metropolitan High Judge KM Imrul Kajes dismisses bail if he wanted bail
The lawyer of the anti-corruption commission (ACC) Mir Ahmed Salam said.

On June 16, the High Court canceled the bailout granted for four weeks
Chief Justice Saeed Mahmoud Hossein ordered to surrender to Jasmin Islam
Four-party complaint bench led by

On November 1, 2016, Motiewel in the capital against 16 people, including Jasmine
ACC raised the case with ACC deputy assistant director Zainal Abedin.

In the case it is said that the president of Hall-Mark
Tanir Mahmud, Managing Director of Jasmin Islam and her husband, say in their organization
Employee Jahangir Alam is the owner of Mirza Spinning Mills and Peace Zakaria
Owner of Max Spinning Mills, account of Janata Baban's corporate branch in Janata Bank
Open it.

Although there is no import-export of goods, it is through the two companies
Outside back-to-back LC created fake documents from Sonali Bank 85 crore
They acquired 87 lakh 33 thousand 616 so.

That day, he had a ACC team from the capital, Banshal
Arrested. In this case, the husband of her husband, Tanvir Mahmud, is in jail.

The High Court on March 10, after the bailout was dropped in the courtroom
Give him a bail. Against the Appellate Division of the ACC
The High Court sentenced the bailout and surrender.

In addition, the ACC does not submit the statement of assets
Daka's Special Judge on 11 July last year, Jasmin Islam was sentenced to three years in prison and two million euros
Money is fine.

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