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Sabir can stop the debate

Speaking of Sabir Rahman's bat, the rest will stop. Photo: Prothom Alo "itemprop =" image "data-jadewitsmedia =" {& # 39; status & # 39 ;: & # 39; success & # 39 ;, & # 39; id & # 39 ;: & # 39; 1413175 & # 39; ;, & # 39; ext & # 39 ;, & # 39; jpg & # 39 ;, & # 39; thumb & # 39 ;: // paloimages.prothom /2019/01/30/a4213111c79dac73f47302af9ef2fabd-5c51cc30e54e4.jpg&#39;,&#39;path&#39;:&#39;media/2019/01/30/a4213111c79dac73f47302af9ef2fabd-5c51cc30e54e4.jpg & quot ;, & quot; name & quot; : "If you talk about Sabir Rahman's bat, the rest will stop." Image: & # 39; width & # 39 ;: 800, & # 39; height & # 39 ;: 450, & align: 39 ; aligncenter & # 39; link & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; Sabir Rahman will stop talking about a bat. Photo: Protom Hello, "alt": "Sabir Rahman will stop talking about the rest of the rest." Image: Protom-halo "width =" 800 "src =" -5c51cc30e54e4.jpg "/></p><p>The penalty went down, Sabir returned to the New Zealand series. But who was less punished, how did he come to the team? Sabir has already scored 188 points out of 47 matches in the last five games</p><p>Sabir Rahman is the punishment of Kamal? How did he join the New Zealand team? Following the President of BCB Nazmul Hassan on the new issues. He knew whether the punishment for Sabir's death was over. But the punishment for the tour in New Zealand was announced in 37 days.</p><p>On September 1 last year, the BCK Disciplinary Committee recommended the expulsion of Sabir six months from international cricket, due to end on February 28, after media misuse of a cricket loving media. But after four months, the BKB officially did not announce whether the recommendation was approved or not.</p><p>This issue was again discussed in the New Zealand series, released on January 23, due to a day from the Sabir team. Chief selector Minazzul Abedin said at the press conference that the BKB's sentence was reduced in a month, as they took him to the squad. With this, the captain of the World Cup captain Mashraf Bin Mortaza asked Sabir to take over ODI's team for a tour in New Zealand. The selectors agreed. Under such conditions, Sabir can deal with fast boxers in the lower middle row, and he also made an argument for that, Minazul said.</p><p>The captain can request a special player for the benefit of the team. If a player is expelled for any reason, the expression of the punishment that can be reduced by the cricket board if he / she wants to consider the captain's request. This was in the Sabir case. In addition, the New Zealand Tour is an ideal opportunity to prepare for the World Cup. And it's not that the penalty is reduced too much. He was unable to play several series after being expelled. Even for the last team in the Emerging Cup in Pakistan, given the end of the expulsion, the reason for the expulsion did not get the chance. It's not a problem to reduce Sabir to the New Zealand team. The problem is that he was returned, the smoker who took it.</p><p>Mashrafe later said that he told Sabir only that he needed the team, the decision and the power were selected only by the selectors. On the whole, assuming the responsibility for the decision to return to Sabir, there will be some kind of influence on power.</p><p>According to sources, the decision to reduce the sentence of Sabir was taken by the head of the cricket board, Akram Khan, a member of the disciplinary committee and director Ismail Haider Malik, chief executive of the BCB Nizam Uddin Choudhury and others from the BKB. They calculated that if Sabir plays in the first ODI in Nephair on February 13, his exclusion from international cricket will be reduced to just 17 days. They did not want to take it in the interest of the national team. But the problem remains in the decision two. First, the issue of reducing Sabir's sentence was not discussed with the chairman of the BBB or his approval was not passed. Secondly, since then, no official announcement has been made.</p><p>During the BPL match, the chairman of the stadium at the "Mirpur Sher-e-Bangla" stadium, when the chairman of the board took the board for approval, was attended by representatives of BCC. It is learned that during the signing of the list of players, the president introduced Sabir's name there, whether his expulsion was completed. Current officials told the president of the court that the sentence had expired. On the basis of their words, the president signed the New Zealand team.</p><p>Another source, however, claims that Nazmul Hasan was informed that the period of punishment for Sabir was reduced in a month. But he did not notice the word correctly in a hurry. The position of the President of the BBB also has two possibilities. Nasmul Hasan told reporters: "When the player came to sign me for the list, I asked him (Sabir) for the punishment for him." When the sentence ended, he told me to stop the sentence. Perhaps the mistake is said to have been made or the sentence reduced to the mandate has been reduced.</p><p>But Sabir was asked to be in the team, the chairman of the board said clearly, "when it fell, then many times the claim was made to take it to the team. We usually do not want to take it or take it." But many think if he does, then he will not be able to play again in his life. "The request of the captain, the decision to reduce the punishment of the board members and Sabir's election to the selectors; Ultimately, Nazmul Hasan's personal opinion, "I think it was better for him (Sabir) if he had more time with more understanding. There is a much greater risk to him. A little forgery can end his career."</p><p>Sabir's risks increase in different speeches. The situation is that if he returns to the team, no one wants to regain responsibility! On the contrary, different statements are given, so the total pressure falls on Sabir. Whose debate is arbitrary because of the return of the team, he will play well, can be guaranteed?</p><p>However, besides the batter of Sabir, the glow of promise is to save its existence. In the last 5 games, Damadolli scored 188 goals in BPL, an average of 47. Of course, this must be good news. His also cricket in Bangladesh.</p></p></div> </pre> </pre> <script async src=
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