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Really in love with the creation, Mitila opened her mouth

Popular actress Rafiat Rashid Mitila. Photo: Jamsul Jacques Rippon

Although Kolkata's cinematographer, created by Mukherjee, opened her mouth with love, but did not say "yes" or "no" to popular Bangladeshi actress Rafiat Rashid Mitila.

20 to 25 – During these few years, several actresses were associated with director Kolkata, created by Mukherjee. However, none of them have proven to be true until now.

Mitila has long been a love affair with the creative. Mitila's presence was also seen in a photo taken of Hajnit's birthday on September 23. And that's why many combine two to two. Indian media have reported that the single is no longer Mithila.

Asked about this, Mitila told NTV Online that she wanted to keep her private life.

Fans are curious to know what's really in love with the creatives – again, Mitila, the ex-wife of musician-actor Tahsan, said: "I have nothing to say in plain words. And I really don't want to talk about my personal life here. "

The former Tahsan-Mitila couple is spotted traveling to New York with daughter Ira, despite her love for Mitila. At 28, Mitila-Tahsan was married. At 25, they were separated.

Is it possible to reunite with Tahsan? In response to this inquiry, Mitila directly rejected that possibility.

Watch the video:

What to do if you have the opportunity to renovate your own private home? Mitila says: & # 39; I like very little furniture. But there will certainly be bookshelves and lots of books. & # 39;

An Indian media report said several actresses had previously been linked to director Mukherjee. These include the names of Swastika Mukherjee, Etawari Chakraborty, Yaya Aksan and Rhinadini.

In a music video by singer Arnav, Christie's relationship with Mitila is made. Then Mitila is seen walking around and having fun. The actress declined to comment on Mitila's presence on Muktit's birthday. But he says there is not much good news for his good work in the headlines, but the media serves the tough news.

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