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Pop completes work on Indibala series

GO News 24 | Entertainment reporter: Posted: 21.11.1988, 09:22

Pop finished with the work of the series

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Popular screenwriter Sadda Parvin Pop, entirely in the media all the way However, this time the first actress of the National Film Award played in a series of 13 episodes. Name "Indubala". This girl on the screen plays the role of the web-series.

The end of yesterday's work of the Indubala series ended. Papi finished the job by summarizing the one-day web-series. Regarding acting for the first time in the web-series, the actress said:

The story of the web-series, the style of construction will be greatly appreciated by the viewer. Because Mammon made this web-series with such sincerity in his hard work. This is also a new challenge for him. And in the role of her name, I tried to play with my highest level. I am very relieved of the job. "

This web-series, directed by the Unique Mummy, will soon begin broadcasting in the Innovative Media App & # 39; Synopset & # 39; application. The recording of the Indabala webcast was done in Dhaka and Calcutta. His story was written by its producer Edinstveni Mamun.

Besides Popi, Tariq Anam Khan, Shahiduzamman Selim, Ekal, ABM Suman, Ittus and many other actors also acted in it. In the meantime, starting from the first week of December, Popi Kazi Amirul Islam Shovour will start shooting for the film "Save the Life". Among them are Shampa, Ferus, Anisur Rahman Millon, Ovidi Rehan, Irina, Subarn, Ahsanul Huk Minu, Manas Bandi Pattaya and many others.

He has already completed the work of Sarsi Judara directed by Sadek Siddiq. By contrast, Amin Kahn is against him. The shooting of the movie "Katpiheche" on Bulbul Bisva will begin soon. Poppi also starred in the film "Kagar Sarath Chandra" directed by Arif. Among them, Ferdus, Muchumi Hamid, Toma Mirza and others are her associates.

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