Saturday , April 17 2021

Papua New Guinea gets one day status

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea critics get excited after getting one-day status Photo: Gathered

Papua New Guinea gained status day after Oman, the United States, Namibia Papua New Guinea, which scored 221 goals against Oman with a huge difference of 145 races in five games on Friday, earned six points.

On the same day, Namibia won a big victory against Hong Kong with 151 goals. In this victory, Namibia won one-day status with 6 points in five games at the World Twenty Circuit Matches.

The International Critic Council (ICC) congratulated Namibia and Papua New Guinea on Friday for their one-day status.

Namibia and Hong Kong are facing the Twenty-two World Cup on Friday. In Namibia, Namibia first transferred to AFS Park in Windhoek, and PE Dumini scored 39 points for 3 penalties in 50 medals.

Hong Kong is in danger at the start of the target. Kemar Shah, who scored 132 with Skipper Anshuman Nt in the second penalty after defending Jamie Atkinson for 4 races.

After finishing the match, all of the 245 matches ran into Hong Kong Anushuman Nayat scored 76 goals for the team. Shah also took 52 races.

Earlier, at the opening ceremony, Namibia received 45 jobs. JP Cooke then added another 243-point stand with Stefan Bird in the second penalty. After that, Causage and Stephen returned only five things.

The house was out for 148 works with six six and 15 four. Stefan, 128 balls, scored 10 four and four six in his 128-minute strike. Jade Smith and G. Green are running on a batting vata in the end. In the end, Chahra scored 103 goals in 46 balls. Open Hacking Smith scored 61 points in 61 matches with four six and three in only 26 balls. G Green scored 41 points out of 21 balls.

On Thursday, Oman and the United States received one-day status. The two new teams, including Bangladesh-Pakistan-India and the ICC Testing Team, have the opportunity to play one day cricket. Oman, the United States and Namibia, the new three teams in one-day status will now have the opportunity to play in ODIs as well as the other four members of the ICC Associate from the ICC.

In the second round of the ICC Cricket World Cup at the MCC held in Namibia, an extraordinary member of the Cricket Council, Oman beat Namibia 4 in the finish on Wednesday.

Oman, the United States of America, Namibia and Papua New Guinea achieved one day's status due to the excellent performance of the six teams in this victory.

Full member of the ICC Testing Team 12. India, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, England, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, West India, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and Ireland.

As a co-member with these 12 teams, 88 teams. And four of these 88 teams (Scotland, Nepal, UAE, and the Netherlands) have already received ODA status. Oman, the United States, Namibia and Papua New Guinea were given the opportunity to play one day internationals with them as a new team.

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