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The Fuf du Plessis team won 13 races in the Dakworth and Lewis method in centurion on Friday. In a series of five games hosts continued with 2: 1.

After rain in 33 transitional South Africa, the game was not possible. At that time their score was 187/2. In the methods of Daukworth and Lewis, the team at that time took 175 times.

The opening of 53 races with Hashim Amla helped South Africa start with Quinton de Kok. Hassan Ali broke the first 25 races in three quarters in the 10th minute. De Kok stopped 33 races for 36 races.

Rihanna Hendrix and du Plessis show the way to 108 chances for the third team. Hendrix top-top batsman won the award for the match for the 83rd victory in an eight-match eight-and-four-four. The two plexuses play 42 races in the response to the initiative.

Earlier, winning the toss was not good at the start of Pakistan. The Bukhara Hendrix quickly gave Fahr Zaman. However, players from South Africa received five tricks to seize the opportunity to catch five tricks and tourists got the chance.

Photo: Cricket South Africa

Photo: Cricket South Africa

The imam with fights is fighting at one end. At the other end, teammates got quick results. Babur, who scored 132 races with a 69-point fine, scored an excellent 69-man victory.

Hafeez, who scored 84 years in partnership with the Imam, scored 52 points out of 45 balls with aggressive wrap. Impressed by the fiftieth mark, the fastest in the inn, 114 takes place in the fifth century. His 116-heat innings made 8 of them.

Allrounder I have Wasim picked up three for 30 in the initiation of 43 runs in 7 four in 23 overs. But the big collection could not win the title.

Rea Hendrix won the award for the winner of the superb competition.

The fourth ODI will be held in Johannesburg on Sunday.

Short Score:

Pakistan: 317/6 (Imam 101, Farhar 2, Babar 69, Hafeez 52, Owner 31, Vasim 43 *, Hasan 1, Sarfraz 6 *, Stein 2/43, Buren Hendrix 1/50, Radda 2/57, Feldouano 0 / 71, Shams 1/75, Ria Hendrix 0/21)

South Africa: (goal 175 in 33 overs) 187/2 in 33 overs (DTS 33, we 25, Ria Hendrix 83 *, two places 40 *, Amir 0/36, Afridi 0/37, Vasim 0/34 , Hasan 1/33, Shadab 0/46)

Result: South Africa won 13 races in the Dakworth / Lewis system

Man of the match: Ria Hendrix

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