Friday , April 16 2021

Organize NTV on the third day of Eid

Himanti Shukla will sing on the third day of Eid at 5:15 pm. Photo: Mohamad Ibrahim

On the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, NTV organized a seven-day program. The seven-day program will include drama, television, children's events and many other events. Let's know what kind of events will be held on the third day of Eid on the screen of NTV.

Bengali films "in the middle of my chest"

The Bengal film "My Book Is" will be broadcast at 10 am. Driven by Shafi Iqbal Shakib, Apu, Resi, Ahmed Sharif, Sankarita and others played different roles.

Telescope "Miss Shuley"

Miss Seoul's special phone number will be broadcast at 2:30 pm. Written and directed by Ashfak Nipun. Afran Nisho, Opi Karim, Safa Kabir, Yash Rohan, Sumon Patwari, Abul Hayat, Artist Sarkar Abu and others played a role.

Solo concert of singer Sukla

The solo concert of the Indian musician Jimanti Shukla of "Tunear Akash" will be aired at 17:00 h. Presented by Nahid Afros Sumi. Produced by Mohamad Nuruazaman.

Series drama "color tea"

The third episode of the series "Rang Tea" will be broadcast in 6 minutes 10 minutes. The play was directed by Esz Muna, directed by Asim Gomes. Sayu Hadem, Inkabab Dinar, Arfan Ahmed, Najjem, Farhana Mili, Mautusi, Arsha, Shatabdi Vadud, Azad Abul Kalam, Faruk Ahmed, Shiha Mo, Tariq Svapan and others.

The serial "Saudi Rose"

The third episode of "Saudi Pink" will be aired at 6:45 pm. From Brindaban Das. Sagar Jahan succeeded. Zalid Hassan, Tisha, Arfan Ahmed, Pran Roy, Sayu Hadem, Shahnaz Hushi and others played the role.

Special drama "Switzerland"

The special drama "Switzerland" will be broadcast in 8 minutes. Masum Shahriar has written. Directed by Chaianka Chaudhiri. Riyas, Api Karim, Mili Bashar, Azam Khan, Maha, Mosharaf Hossein and others.

Honey moon "

"Hanimun" will be broadcast at 9 pm Presented by Ivan Sahir. Produced by Jonade Bin Zia Participated in Shabnam Faria, Nabil and her husband

Serial "Matlab"

The third episode of "Matlab" will be aired at 21:45. Peace Sabir wrote and directed by Mir Sabir, Ahana, Urmila, Farzana Chumka, Ani Khan, Wahide Malik Joly, Masum Bashar, Abdula Rana, Mayan Mizan, Millon Batacharya, Gulshan Ara and others played different roles.

"Perfect work"

The "Perfect Danger" drama will be broadcast at 23:10. Maruf Reman writes. Driven by Nayim Ithias It played Afran Nisho, Mehzabin, Saberi Alam, Dilara Zaman and others.

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