Wednesday , June 16 2021

"Orange Rocket" at the Goa International Film Festival –

The Goa Film Festival is held from November 20 to 9. The film festival will also be shown in the category "World panorama". Mithu to go to Goa on Tuesday to attend the festival.

The film was released in the last Eid al-Fitr. Last month, at the International Film Festival in the Netherlands that was held in Sri Lanka, the award "Best Rookie" was awarded.

Based on two stories of Shahaduzzaman's "Basic" and "Cyprus" fantasies, Mito created the film in Shahadouzazaman's joint scenario and Nur Imran Mitiu. The film, produced by Impress Telefilm Limited, was released on June 2, 16 this year.

Mithu said the film was screened in the capital Star CinePlace for three weeks, and Jammu's blockbuster movie was screened for a month. The producer is excited about the excitement that he can not release the film that is known for the film.

In the film story, "Doll Rocket" is basically the name of the steamer. This steameri represents the entire Bangladesh.

The role of the film was played by Tauchir Ahmed, Mosharaf Karim, Jorayaya, Samiya Said, Sainte, Dominique Gomez, Bapa Shantanu, Suyat Shimul, Shahidula Sabuy, Abu Raihan Russell and others.

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