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Normal access to 200 m from the test center is prohibited

The decision was made to ensure a "fair and peaceful" ambience of the testing center, the press release said Wednesday.

It is said that the police commissioner completely banned the "unauthorized entry" of the public without examining them within a few hundred meters from the examination center with the powers granted by the police decree in Dhaka. Asaduzzaman Mia

Intermediate and equivalent reviews have been launched throughout the country since Saturday. This year, at 4,964 centers, 25 lakh 73,000 and 851 students will participate in this exam.

The government has been instructed to stop all coaching centers from seven days to the end of the trial. A special security envelope made of aluminum foil is intended for sending questionnaires to the center.

Each candidate must enter 30 minutes before the start of the test. Those who will be late, their names, rolls and delays will need to be entered in the registration center for registration.

The education ministry introduced this rule to enter the center half an hour before 2017 to prevent leakages in mobile phones.

No one else will be able to use mobile phones or "unauthorized electronic devices" other than the Central Secretariat. The center secretary will have to use a "normal" phone where there will be no use of photos and internet access.

In 200 meters from the testing center, if someone gets a cell phone, it will be arrested. Guidelines were given last year during SSC and equivalent examinations.

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