Friday , February 21 2020
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"No family of Osman Parvin"

Salim Osman and Parvin Osman Narayanganj-5 (city-port) Waiting for the seats said the AKM MP Nazim Osman that none of his family, the wife of the current MP from this election unit AKM Selim Osman.

Salim Osman criticized his Bhavin Parvin Osman and said: "My house Bhavavi Noahali But he wants to be a member of Narayanganj. He is not one of Osman's family.

On Monday afternoon, Selim Osman made this statement at a meeting at the Narayangara 18th Narragangara Disaster Response Meeting.

Salim Osman said: "I see that he (Pervin) awards donations to various places during the month. Two days ago I saw a donation of five rupees rupees for Shaheed Minar at the port. Find out income tax, whether he shows his income or not "Do not leave anyone, because you have given me responsibility."

Chairperson of the Association of Owners of Organizations of Jute Organizations, Khaled Haider Khan, President of Trade and Industry Department Narayanganje, Kabir Hosen, former adviser Kamrul Hasan, adviser of department no. 14, Shafiuddin's chief, was present at the helm.

When asked about Parvin Osman's mobile phone, he said in the first light: "I will not say anything about this. They want to say it."

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