Wednesday , October 16 2019
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News from the news, Bubble's heroine is now a doctor!

Shabnam Bubali returns from the newspapers in the film. Superstar Shakib Khan is linked with several hits one by one. Bubblicone is displayed in various forms for the character's needs. In the sequel, in Malek Afsari's "Passwords" movie, Bobble can be seen as a doctor. Prior to that, he received a reputable acting as a Doctor in "Bushy".

Recently some images of "shooting" photographs for recording spots are viral published on Facebook. It is seen that Bubli acts as a MBBS doctor at a specialized hospital in Bangladesh, located in Shayamoli, in the capital. He participated in the shooting at the hospital before Sunday. This will be considered a hero, opposite Dabohol Superstar Shakib Khan, as a hero.

Meanwhile, director Malik Afsari wrote his own status on his Facebook page: "Working in a natural location is very difficult, people have a lot of pressure, it's also expensive to deal with the whole thing." The point is not compromised in this picture. unit ".

Iqbal Hossein produces "passwords" along with Shakib Khan in the SK banner. In the film Shakib Kan-Bubli works more than work, Emon, Misha Saudagar, Don.

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