Thursday , January 21 2021

New Chairman of the Board of Dhaka Nehal, Rama Vijay in Silhet 979376 | The voice of tomorrow

The government has appointed Dhaka College Chief Professor Nehal Ahmed as chairman of the Dhaka Education Board. The chairman of the Silhett Board also became a professor of physics at Titumir Government College. Rama Vijay Sarkar. In another order, the chairman of the Dhaka Board of Education, Professor. Ziaul Hake was appointed director of Barrisal BM College.

The education ministry issued the order Wednesday (November 25th).

According to the special order, they will receive a salary and allowances according to their salary scale and will receive allowances and other benefits related to the job. He will not be able to receive any rental allowance if the board authorities agree on accommodation without rent. If you live in a government house, you will deposit all state membership fees, including renting a house to the affected sector through a state account at your own risk.

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