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Mystery of Sridevi's death: Bani Kapur opened his mouth

The death of Sri Devi.

The death of Sri Devi. Photo gathered

The sudden death of Bollywood's first female star, Sridevi, was reported on the night of February 24 last year. But his family and fans could not accept his premature death.

The family and fans claim that the secret of the death of Srivedi was discovered.

After the death of the Holy Virgin, the autopsy report shows that Sridevi died of accidental drowning in a hotel in Dubai. At that time, no one was able to accept the death of a 54-year-old heroine.

But a few days ago, DPR Rishi Singh claimed that Sridevi was killed.

He said that the death of Shrevedi is not sudden. Kill the cold There is enough evidence of Devi's death.

And soon after this demand, the noise started in Bollywood couple. Media media became eager to know about the incident.

If you want to know about such notes from Bathi Kapoor on Friday, please explain that you do not want to answer an unfounded story.

Recently, the Kerala jail DGP Rishiiraj Singh gave sensational information on the death of Sridevi.

He said his friend Dr. Umtanat was an experienced forensic. He wanted to know why Sri Devi was dead. The expert says this death is not normal. Again, accidentally, not even death. Maybe he was killed.

In the meantime, according to the expert, one person drowning in the leg can not die.

His claim is that if one does not sink his head or foot, one leg can not drown in the water, Sridevi Bonnie may remain involved in his death.

Source: Time of India

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