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Mom is a victim of rape looking for a niece in Chilmari

Mom was raped by a gang as she searched for a granddaughter in Chilmari. Police arrested two people in connection with a rape incident in Chilmari, a remote area around 20:00 on Wednesday. In addition, members of the UP were raped in Rangamati on the same night. One person was arrested in this incident.

Five rapists were arrested in Sibpur by Narsinghdi, a student of Lahaiyali in Habiganj, a six-year-old child in Sungmangan and Kulgauri in Kaulura from Mulvizar. After the rape charges were filed against a girl with special needs and a pregnant woman in Nandaiel from Mymensing in Kushtia. Three were arrested in these incidents. The News of the Bureau of the Jungle and the representatives sent

Kurigram and Chilmari: The mother of four children is a victim of gang rape and is in a sad Kadi Barisal Shar, surrounded by the River Brahmaputra of Chilmari, on Wednesday evening (32). The case has been submitted to the Chilmari Police Station against women and children under the Law on Prevention of Torture Prevention. Four members of the gang were arrested, Ranja Mia (52) and guard Miley Zelzak (45).

At a press briefing in the police police conference room on Friday, police chief Maygun Karim said four women, including a woman, came to the dancer Ranya Mian from Tangier. On October 28, Harun Mia of Dinanpur, 45, fled to Chilmari with the help of his niece. Previously, Ranjo helped the same event. After the grandson fled to the latter, he approached Rajhu and reached Chilmari. Ranjz went to the pasdle in the ship Jalahhadzhija. Ranju said to wait for the night around 20 o'clock.

Then, in the name of finding a niece, the woman was raped by two men in the middle of the ship. He called out two other mobile phone workers. They also raped. If the incident did not decrease, the threat of murder was shown. After this incident, women and others took refuge in Ranjo's house. The next day, the phone was called to call the police for assistance in 999. Police arrested Ranj and Xelak, charged with raiding the city on Thursday night under the leadership of the police super. Women and girls from the Corruption Prevention Law at the Chilmari Hospital filed a case at the Chilmari Police Station. Son of Abdul Sheikh of Zorogar, the old market area of ​​Rangj Chilmari and son of Fazal Devani from the village of Xheleh Kori Barisal.

Rangamati: Wife UP member was raped on Wednesday night in a residential hotel in the area of ​​the city's spare market area. On Friday, police detained Ali Bablu, 35, buried Janka Chakma, after the case was filed. His house is located in the small Kattli area of ​​Langdu upazila.

The woman said that in a few days, Bablu told the mobile phone that the army members were looking for you. It can catch you at any time. After fear of his words, he came to Rangamati from Langdu and went into hiding. Buble kept him in one room on the third floor of the hotel. After eating a dinner with sleeping pills, Buble was raped by eating. He complained to the Rangamati Kotwali police station the following day.

A police officer from Rangamati Kotwali Police Station Jahidul Haque Rony said that Bablu was arrested from the city's area after the operation. The defendant confessed to the initial investigation. The court sent him to prison in the special court on Friday.

Narsingdi: Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) arrested Raihan Mia, 22, of the Sippu case for raping Daka. On Friday morning, he was arrested and arrested in the Uthara police station at the Baitun Noor Jammit mosque. Son of Abdul Boded Mia from the village of Reyhan Bahadia.

The commander of the company RAB-11, Major Talukdar Nazmuz Shakib, at a press conference on Friday afternoon at a press conference organized in the Narcangi Press Club. She said, rayhan rape depicting greed for feeding a four-year-old baby chocolate on the evening of April 20th. Reichan escaped when the child cried. The child was admitted to the hospital Nursingdi Sadar. In this incident, the grandfather of the child, Shibpur Model Police Station, filed a case under the Law on the Prevention of Sexual Abuse of Women and Children. Major Shakib said that, in the initial hearing, Reichan confessed to rape.

Habiganj: A fourth-grade student of Lahai was transferred to Haar and raped Zahur Ali was handed over to the police station. The student was admitted to the modern hospital Sadar. The case has been filed. Local residents say that residents of the village of Vadikara went to the fourth grade student to collect goblins with their parents. On Thursday night, his mother and father left him (little drying liquid). On this occasion, the farmer from the neighboring village raped her and took her to her house and raped her. After shouting, people rushed to hospital to rescue him and sent him to the hospital. At that time, angry people handed over the impotent jujur ​​to the police station. A deputy officer at Lakai police station, Eman Hossein, said the incident was found in the initial phase.

Jagannathpur (Sunamganj): Rumman Mija (25) was arrested for raping a six-year-old child in the village of Kashila (Purbabar), except the Calculian Union of Jagannatpatur. Rumman, the son of Amr Mia from the same village, raped the child on Tuesday because his parents were not at home. At that time, Rumman escaped when neighbors stepped forward listening to the cry of the child. Police arrested Rumman after his father's father filed a case in this incident. The Sunamganj court sent him to jail In a critical condition, the child was admitted to the SILHET MG Osmani Hospital. Jagannathpur police station OC Harunur Rashid Chowdhury said the case was brought to the police for raping a child and female torture police. The rapist was arrested and sent to jail.

Moulvibazar: Police arrested Shukuri Ali (35), a key accused of raping a 17-year-old girl in Kulaura rushed. Police arrested Shukur's car-rickshaw in the CNG at Tengra Bazar in Reygangar flew on Friday after 10 days of the incident. Earlier five defendants were arrested.

Police Inspector Kulaura (Investigator) Sanjay Chakrabarti said that on the basis of secret information, he was arrested and detained and arrested in the autocycling carried by Shukur. CNG driver Hassan Mia, 25, who was involved in rape, was arrested earlier. After the confession statement given by his confession, Bilal Mia (25), Jahangir Alam (26), Sujon Mia (22) and Sufiyan Mia (25) were arrested from the Futurala border area in Pusainagar and Yuri rushed to the Joachandi union. In the meantime, Bilal and Jahangir tried to flee to India stolen from brothels.

On April 15 evening, in an abandoned place, she called the girl and raped seven rapists and hit that scene on a cell phone. In this incident, the girl's mother filed a rape case with the Kulaura police station against the Kulluki police station.

Kushtia: After rape in the Čaušas area of ​​sardar-dopazila, an intellectual girl was pregnant for five months. The family claims that the girl was a victim of Kalu Mia's neighbor's father. Police arrested Kalu. Kalu Mia was sent to prison on Friday afternoon through the court.

Family sources say that the condition of the physical trigger is carried to the doctor on Wednesday. Doctors say the girl's five-month pregnancy. The victim's mother filed criminal charges of rape on Thursday evening with a police station Kushija model. Police immediately arrested Kalu, son of Shamsudin Mola from the same area after the immediate operation. A policeman at Kustija police station, Nasir Uddin, said: "The court sent Kalou to prison."

Nandail (Mymensingh): A 13-year-old girl was reportedly raped by a gang eight months pregnant at the Singrail Union of Nandail upazila. In connection with this incident, a UN member Mohammed Mubarak and Rakib were arrested on Thursday in connection with the case of redemption and rape. The case was filed with 10 people, including Said Islam. Saidul and arbiter in the case The police arrested Lal Mia. Responsible Investigation Officer (Investigation) Md. Ruhul Cuddus Khan said the order of the high authority was ordered to arrest other indictees.

Rakib, the son of Chandus Mia from the same village, raped her, and Racib, the son of Akram. The mother and father were given the chance to stay home and be raped with a knife in the neck. When the incident was announced, he was also slaughtered and threatened with murder. If the girl is pregnant, family members complain to local brothers. But they make time for a trial. Later, the girl's father filed a case with the police station "Nandail model" in cooperation with the administration.

Housewife raped and gang raped: Dari is charged with raping a disabled housewife after she was kidnapped. He was kidnapped before the Barisal Court on April 16. After being raped in an abandoned place, he was left on the street. On Thursday, the victim filed a case with the Kotwali police station against five people, including her husband. The defendants are the husband of the host Prabir Mitra, the son of the inhumane, human Chandra, Gurango Nath and unidentified.

Metropolitan Metropolitan Barisal S.I. H. M. Shahin, who was in charge of the One-Stop-Shop Crisis Center (OKC) at the hospital Barisal Sheba, said the case was delayed due to housewife's illness. After receiving medical tests and reports, the case was sent to the Kotwali Model police station on Thursday.

С.И. Shahin added that in 2013 the marriage of women with special needs was made with the family of Prabir, the son of Binadra Mitra from the village Kurnijan Adabari from Nardarabad, remembers the family Swauplak. According to the bridegroom's request during the marriage, many valuable goods were given as a dowry, two lakhs of money, three gold jewelry worth three. But without a marriage year, the husband and his family asked a housewife to bring a bow back to her father's house. When he refused, he went down to inhuman torture. One time he was expelled from the house. In this incident, a housewife filed two cases at the Tribunal for the Prevention of Repression of Women and Children at Barisal. Police arrested Arathi Mitra and Debar Part Mitra in the case. In this, the other defendant, including the man, is angry.

Police officer Shahin said that on his way home on April 16 in case of a dowry case, a housewife was kidnapped at Port Road. An unidentified man took his suffocation and deceived him with a stab in his face and unconscious. Then he returned to his knowledge in a deserted lonely house. Then he saw Prabber, Man, Guranga, and others, surrounded him everywhere. The defendant raped a housewife in return and spoke about the lawsuit filed by the defendant. As a result, he lost his knowledge for the second time. The second time a housewife came back to the streets of the city. Hence, an unknown man saved him and admitted him to the hospital.

The investigation into the case and the Kotwali police station model SI Arafat Hassan Rahman, one day after the incident, the husband's husband turned himself in a court case. At that time, the judge ordered him to be sent to prison. The other defendants in the case are still running away. Attempts to arrest them are being made.

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