Friday , October 22 2021

Mili-Tauseef "Friendship versus love" – ​​Share Biz


Showbiz office: The quick nature of Arnab. That's why she keeps distance to her friends all the time. The case came out in front of a girl named Rupa. One day you can see only one silver rupee. He falls in love with silver. Forgets silver
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After some time Arnab and silver can be seen in dramatic circumstances. The raw material knows that silver is much older than the older one. Even then many bells were still growing. In this way, friendships arise between them. One day, when thoughts of the mind became very angry, Rupa. He does not want to believe in Arnaoba. It took a long time before he got engaged.
After watching what should happen to watch the TV screen. Because it is not an event of real life, a life reel. Such a beautiful love story gave the drama as director Shikar Shahaniyat. Named "Friendship versus love" Here is the story of young people from the university. The two main characters of this performance are: popular actor Halda Tausif Mahbub and actress "Manpura" Farhan Mili. The name of the Tausif character is Arnab. On the other hand, Farhan Mili played in a silver role. The drama will be broadcast on RTV at 20:00 today.

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