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Mayen got married?

Mehjabin, photo: Kabir Hosnan

The sound around "the popular television on television Mehejben Chowdhury! "But this marriage is hiding, or doing it – it did not open the cocks." But Madžabin opened, not just the mystery of marriage, but much more.

"Stars will marry in hiding. What do you believe in this idea?" Mbbin smiled to hear the question. "No. Marriage is a great step to cross life. It is organized by organizing all people, only with the blessings of everyone."

A few days ago on Facebook, family, relatives and buzzing around him, the image for him was seen in the image of Medjabin. All sit in a miladier mahaphila! Photo by Mehdi's handcuffs in Instagram. Also, the image of Mecheziben's wife came. What is the secret? We do not go directly to these questions. May be embarrassed. You can also get angry. So, you have to be very careful with Mahazibi.

Last week we talked about shooting at home in Uttara. The huge anxiety was the one of Medjabin. In the composition for make-up, with the main role Afran Nishoch spoke with the next scene. Dialogue of newcomers to Kususuviva We saw the intersection. Assistant Director of Scrolling Mercury. The following scenes on the stage. That day is the last day of the shooting of the drama. It's nine o'clock in the night. Several more reviews have remained. So this is the puzzle. Meshzabin and Nisso came to the scene. By the end of the next scene, it will be the only thing you will be done. But in the gloomy fog, there was good news like one moon, and the next scene was only Afran Nichor.

People's mouths, people's words

Matemeeti Haseen Mehjabin came into the context of marriage. It's hard to understand what the secret of laughter is. "I do not know why everyone asks me this question, I always get greetings from everyone. I know, I'm very surprised and embarrassed about this incident." Stop talking one-on-one. Now tell me directly, the voice of your marriage is heard. What is the true mystery? Muzzane Clever – It has been proven many times. Once again, answer this question. He said: "Your question is answered in the same thing, just crying." I said, "I do not understand myself." Some newspapers printed the news.

He does not stop talking. Medjabin got the word today. "When a marriage takes place, then everyone will know." As soon as the event is small, I will not do it secretly, at least the closest people and the journalists will be able to say. Even if I do not invite, I will marry, I can not invite you. After a great event, I will celebrate with all of you. But why am I cunning?

Does he mean that he did not get married?

"The question is not coming, and I'm not thinking about getting married anymore. Prevention of marriage before 2022-23 Direct Show." He added: "Many people say a lot, but I do not think about it. Therefore, with so much attention, I can not think. "

But what is love?

"Then we are sure they did not get married". He said: "Is there any doubt? Can one of my wedding photos, any event, someone say? Even if it's fast, some people should know. Is not that right? Is it possible to hide it time? & # 39;
But what is love Medjabin? Without spending a sentence, he said: "No, I'm only one." But there is a love affair with the producer. What are those lies? Now he's on the run. He said, "No, there should be some buzz about something. One time, everyone will know everything." But whatever is confusing, Meybeen says that the marriage wants to be loved by the parents. For lovers of fans, this is what the popular actress has repeatedly talked about. Before leaving on another topic, he said: "If you want to meet someone with the audience, then you will know him as a husband." I think this will be the highest honor for him. At the same time, when someone introduces me, let them know as a woman. This will be the best result of our relationship. "

Picture mystery

This time, Medjabin opened the mystery of several images. Images that buzz, discussion, critique and congratulations. First, take a picture of Mehdi Rank. It is well-managed by Mizanur Arian. Also, you are the image of the play. But only by handing the movie to Hatvara Mehdi in Instagram, the mystery is not tied. I also want to know about the pictures of the couple. "Such a horror is played in the drama, it's one of them." But social media was viewed on Facebook a few days ago, around which some buzzing, some people are close to him, and you get the munajat. It seems that a good thing will happen.

This moment is laughing. "And everyone thinks I'm married?" This picture is a birthday of the daughter of my elder brother Mekhvina. Mill was given home at his first birthday. So many close people were invited. At that time, someone set up the picture and set up a party. If you do not know the story, then people think of many things, I understand it.

He does not pay much attention to many things. Because this girl who is drowning must love the whole thing. In most plays, she is a mistress or a married woman. Who knows if the preparations for the future are now coming?

It is important that the man of Mehaji has five times

● Be creative mind.

● It will be very charming.

● Be honest.

● I have to understand

● I like the exclusiveness of a man. He must have it anyway.

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