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Many questions will not be answered

The issue of air abduction again raised the issue of the safety and fragility of our civilian airports and aircraft. 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"Width =" 643 "src =" "/> Last week of The young man, who tried to hijack a plane airplane after the summer vacation, was not a member of a professional or organized militant group. Initially, a young man named Palash Ahmad had a pistol in his hand. Later, officers related to the rescue operation said the gun in the hands of the young man is not real. The plane landed at Chitagong Airport without any problems and the news is that our those passengers and drivers are safe.</p><p>But in the first place was the question of whether the gun or toy, as a passenger, took the plane with him?</p><p>There are severe deficiencies and weaknesses in airport security. Before leaving the aircraft, the body and luggage of the passenger were examined more than once. The metal detector will not be caught in a toy gun. But why not catch up in checking the luggage? Officials searching for luggage were seriously ill. If the gun is original or if the youth was a member of a confederate militant, then what happens if he thinks he should be scared.</p><p>The second question is that the internal traveler was not suitable for any international flight. This incident is not just what happened on the flight, but there are many flights. There is also a lack of professional services for the aviation authorities. Because the safety of passengers on an international flight is relatively tight. They are subject to immigration check, passport, etc., which are not available for an internal flight. And if he gets a gun in a formula after moving to that young plane, it's even more dangerous.</p><p>It is not unlikely that the news that the young man showed a gun in the cockpit or shot a gun for kidnapping. No chance for anyone outside the cockpit. After 9/11, this advanced and modern technology is used on all civil aircraft. I should no longer tell anyone about the pilot to kidnap the pilot. If an airplane is attacked by such attacks, the message will automatically go to the control tower. Perhaps the young man had a conversation with the crew on the plane of the plane or argued with them. There is no way he can go to the driver's cabin. And if the toy is a gun, then the issue of firing does not appear. It is normal to see the terrible panic in the news of the abduction. And because of this, they can create an illusion by being shot. There are many cases.</p><p>But we are amazed by the way the kidnapping attempt ended. The plane, which was abducted by a group of militants or terrorists and all passengers and crew on board, could be safely ruled out, was supposed to save the young man alive. Where the young man was mentally disturbed, he could have been disabled from an emotional or any other way. There are now many types of bullets, so people do not die, but they are confused. When the young man was saved alive, he did not want to know the abduction of the plane, or the other was prompted. Do you know if there is any organization behind it? In all countries around the world, affected people use different techniques in such cases. As he keeps busy with various conversations, time has elapsed. But in any case, he can not be excited. He was convinced that he had not chosen an extreme way. He must calm down. Can not be found. Many times it is given a cure for sleep. But after death, the mystery behind this can not be known. Now that you have to say, all your guess. Many questions will not be answered.</p><p>The hijacking of the plane brought new issues to the forefront of the security breaches of our civilian airports and aircraft. There are many agencies working in security at the airport, there are police, there are armed police, airport security, immigration, customs. It is important to have co-ordinated and co-operation with all organizations working in it. But the departure of the airport or the arrival of travelers know only about the position of chaos. There is no coordination of an organization with another organization. When an accident occurs, they try to protect themselves by committing to one another. We often get the news of smuggling gold or other objects from airport toilets or anywhere else. If all organizations retain their jurisdiction properly, then these goods should stop the plane.</p><p>The incident of abducting the plane here did not happen much. During the period of Ziyar Rahman in 1977, members of the Japanese Red Army flew to Dhaka by abducting an air bank in Bangkok to demand the release of their comrades. All passengers and crew members of the aircraft were also in service. There was no harm in anyone. Again, an attempt was made to hijack a plane from Chittagong to Jasmums. It did not even work.</p><p>But in the past, we could not keep silent because the kidnapping attempt was not successful. To avoid accidents in the future, we need to increase the efficiency of airplane and aircraft operations. Professionalism will increase. If necessary, organize advanced training abroad. Otherwise, at any time there can be great damage.</p><p>Lastly, our airport infrastructure and technology are outdated. Over the last four to five decades, external airports have improved in technology. Compared with developed countries, compared to neighboring Indian airports, we have seen many deficiencies in the security of our airports. In order to overcome the lack of passengers, the lack is indispensable. If necessary, we will have to consider setting up a new modern and advanced technology airport.</p><p><strong>Air Commodore (Retd.) Ishfaq Elahi Chowdhury</strong>: Security Analyst</p></div><p><script>(function(d, s, id) {
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