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Lovers of cricket & # 39; are fighting & # 39; with Jakib

Bangladesh cricket star Bangladesh's Jakib Al Hassan was given a two-year ban by the ICC for hiding his match offer. The ICC suspended the one-year sentence on probation. However, former England captain Michael Wogan has commented that the sentence has been reduced. The 5-year-old former English cricketer has been criticized by Jakib fans. However, John Haqib also tried to respond to supporters. Following Haqib's ban, Vaughan first tweeted: "Haqib al-Hassan has no chance of showing kindness." Whatever it is. Cartoons today are told what they can do, what they cannot do. And what to report. Two years is not enough. He was to be sentenced for a long time. Then comment on it. "In response, Vaughn tweeted to the supporter, 'I agree I was average cricket. However, I was no longer corrupt. However, he did not commit corruption. And making mistakes is not a crime. "But Vaughan disagreed with the supporter and replied, 'The world can become corrupt because of your little mind.' The supporter advised Vaughan to go to school and said: "Mr. Vaughan does not cover corruption. It is wrong that he did not inform the ICC. And if you do not understand the difference, start school again. Take My Kids Yet All players know that gambler's proposal needs to be informed. He didn't say; He could be called corrupt. "
Michael Vaughan later wrote to everyone who mistook Jakib's supporters in his tweet: "I want to tell everyone who talks about me that I am against corruption. It doesn't matter which team you play in or how big you are. Today's footballers know their duty. But if he fails to perform his duties, he will suffer the consequences. "

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