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"Lost concentration" in Honobaban –

Daxhu's newly elected Vice President announced he would join a session in front of the Deputy Chancellor's Office on Sunday, demanding the abolition of parliamentary elections in Dusu and Hall on Sunday afternoon.

He said: "Our speech is a clear deception and deception, but we have won both opinions. Now general students want to cancel the election and re-election. I am with their logical request."

During that time, journalists asked him if he expressed this feeling about the election before the prime minister in Ghanaabhaban the previous day.

In response, Nur said: "In Ghana Baban yesterday, for the first time we heard that there were invited parliamentary representatives and central student Sangsad-Dakshur. But we saw there that BCL leaders were present at the level and other units. Even the Metropolitan North also there.

"After walking there, I had a feeling of discomfort, so you know that, in fact, human conventions were actually broken once, I could not speak much. However, it was, we just went there." Watching the Prime Minister, from our courtesy, because he is top executive of the state, the guard of the state ".

On Saturday afternoon, at the invitation of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the Central Student Parliament-Dusu and the parliament of Daka University went to Ganobaban. There, in the speech, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina found the face of the late "Noor".

Dasurr pledged to work with the government on the government's progress under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina, who is now "a role model" for the development of the world.

Nur said he declares "Shibir" because of the movement of quota reforms. His family is also involved in the politics of the Awami League.

Regarding Dakusu's speech in the speech, he said: "100 percent correctness is not available at all. There will be some mistakes."

Finding the face of the lost mother in the prime minister: Nur

Nur said: "Dusk elections are the topic of Dhaka University, but this is not a government problem. Those who won these elections, although we said that the elections were a combination of rigging and irregularities, the prime minister called them. We have been there from his respect and respect .

"We talked about the problems that students from Dhaka University students from outside Ducsur, the problems in our education system, and there is no jurisdiction to choose Daksusura or government, but to do something about it. Dhaka University is an autonomous institution .

"I brought to her that irregularities were made in these elections, students are seeking a solution, she informs the administration about the status of the prime minister from that place."

Calling reporters, Noor said: "You're not misusing me. In spite of so many rigging and irregularities, PPs and social services were unable to make any balances even by rigging."

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