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Lobar Jarrock is released from the Jubo League, age is 5

Omar Farrow Shawood, who was criticized, has been relieved of his duties as president of the Jubo League. On the other hand, a committee was convened to convene Hun Islam, a member of the Ljubo League presidency, and Jarunur Rashid, the current secretary-general, as secretary to the member. In addition, the age of the members of this organization is set at 5 years.

The prime minister and president of the League of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Hasina, made the decision at a meeting with leaders of Ububo Yoga in Ghana on Sunday. Following the meeting, these decisions were made by the Secretary General of the Avami League, Obaidul Quader.

He said a conference committee had been set up by convening a "Lubo League" presidency member Shun Islam and current Secretary General Jarunur Rashid as secretary of the member. All Jubo League executive committees are composed of members of this committee. The seventh Congress of the Lubo League will be next. Until then, the conference preparation committee will carry out all the activities of the organization. And a 5-year-old will be able to find himself under the guidance of the Jubo League this time, he said.

According to sources at the meeting, Fahed Seriat filed charges with the Prime Minister over Omar Farouk Shoudi's sole authority, giving the positions of the debates in the Yugo League, dissolving the committee, forming a new committee, encouraging litigation. He also commented on current Secretary General Jarunur Rashid. Subaru Pal, Amir Hossein Gazi, Nickel Ranjhan Guha, Mohyuddin Ahmed Mohi, Belal Hossein, Farooq Hassan Touhin and almost all spoke in support of him. The prime minister then told present leaders of Ubudo Yoga, "These charges should have been reported in advance."

During the meeting, the Prime Minister gave strict instructions to the invitee and members of the secretary of the conference preparation committee, saying: "No one can be in a controversial and charged position." The subcommittees to be convened at the conference should have no place in them.

Sources said the prime minister had expressed a strong stand against those who have recently used the party's seat in recent years to own huge sums of money. "The party and the government will not take responsibility for any crime," he said. Without those who committed abuse, corruption, extortion, terrorists and involved in the casino business, we would not be without them. I will not allow the party and government to behave badly for any bad work. I will not allow the development of the country for any reason. My motives, goals, and ideals will not allow them to be heard because of one's crimes. He told everyone to watch out for this.

Late in the middle of last month, reports of involvement in "Ubudo League" leaders were released after being caught casinos in a law enforcement operation in various clubs in Dhaka. Along with this, accusations of terrorism, extortion and occupation have also come up against many of the leaders of the league. Meanwhile, several leaders have been arrested, including Ismail Shoudi Srat, president of Metropolitan Dhaka and Khaled Mahmoud Bujian, president of Metropolitan Dhaka south of the Jubo League.

Uubaa League president Omar Farouk initially questioned the purpose of the expedition, but later downplayed the melody and welcomed the expedition. He was also charged with being closely associated with the leaders of trafficking, irregularities, corruption and casinos. The Central Bank is forbidden to travel abroad demanding a bank account. Access to his Gunaban was forbidden.

In that context, Omar Farouk Shoudy has not been public for some time. In his absence, a Presidency meeting with the Southern League recently took place. He did not attend yesterday's meeting with the Prime Minister. Twenty-one schoolchildren said to two members of the Presidium of the party Haganat. Yesterday's match did not include the addition of Mizanur Rahman and Nurnanabi Judy Shaon.

Members of the Awami League Presidium, son-in-law of Sheikh Fazlul Karim Selim's son-in-law, Omar Farouk Shawoodi, have been charged with acting. the president of the Uubo League, while Jahangir Kabir Nanak, the then president, took over the ministry and the Awami League. The leader of the then sixty-six years was officially appointed president of the Sixth Congress of the Lubo League in 2002. Omar Farooq Jowdy retained his post for seven years.

Elected Islam, a member of the party's presidency, who yesterday joined the conference's preparatory committee, is the son of the first director general of Bangla Academy and a former WC professor at Rajshahi University. He was previously the cultural editor of Ljubo Liga. Won the seat of Shahjapur in Sirajajan in the ninth parliamentary elections.

In a brief response yesterday, he said a good gift for the conference would be the committee's main goal. In addition, I will try to restore the lost image of the Ljubo League.

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