Friday , April 16 2021

Liverpool fly to Barcelona

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The referee's bamboo judge did not match the air in the match, but did not match the Keita gauze. Saadio Mien and Mohammed Salah scored two goals. Liverpool gave a solid message to Barcelona before winning the Champions League final.

On Friday night Liverpool won two goals with a huge 5-0 win over Hardsfield. First, for the time being in the Premier League, the team is at the top of the table again. Manchester City is under pressure. If they lose points against Barnlaw on Saturday night, then Citizens can win the title of two decades to Liverpool.

Liverpool have 91 points in 36 games. Manassee points 89 in a match less



Another advantage is that, before the match in Barcelona, ​​the forward returns to the rhythm. Before the big game, a pair of their own self-confidence, the yuga who filled the two front halls and means! Both will be against Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez, who will be the trump card of Jurgen Cloppe. The third progress, Roberto Ferminoro has great anxiety about the injury, but the salon and the meaning of the German guru gives them relief.

On Friday, Anita made history. His 15th goal is already the fastest goal in the league. The previous day, Shaun Long of Southampton scored only 7.69 seconds, the fastest scorer in the history of the Premier League. In 1938, Jack Ballmer's second goal against Everton was the fastest goal of all the Liverpool competitions.

After Goiter scored with Salma and Salah. It was the second and fourth goal of the 23rd and 66th minute. In the 45th and 83rd minute, Salah scored the third and fifth goal.

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