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Late sleeps on a kyder

New Zealand supporters may regret that if another match appears! After losing the one-day series against India in the Kiwi's home, Kiwi saw the victory against India at Hamilton yesterday. Trent Bolt in the fourth ODI, swinging the winds of flying India flying to the ground. India, without Koli Virat Kohl, all out in just 9 races in his 5-floor hit New Zealand won 212 balls and 8 such. It is India's highest ODI record, according to the ball of the opposition in hand. The previous record was 209 balls and Sri Lanka won 209 balls against India in 2010 in Dambulla. Against New Zealand, last year, India was a comprehensive (88) under 100 races in the triumph of Dambulla. India's management has recuperated Virat Cole in the last two one-day and T-20 series, after securing a series against New Zealand in the series. Rohit Sharma led the side in the absence of Koly. It was his 200th ODI match. Mahendra Singh Doro missed the second match because of fitness problems, besides Cole. New Zealand captain Cane Williamson sent India to cry after winning the championship at the Sedona Haymillon Park. And Rohit-Dawan-Raidu-Kartik-Pandead played with a collapse near Bolt. Bolt broke the original pair of Rohit Sharma and Shihar Darwan in the sixth part of the book. After LBW (13), Rohit (7) made a return catch in his next over, this tempo sensation. Colin de Grandham struck an unbeaten half-century in the 11th match with Ambati Rajdu and Dinesh Kartik without a defeat. Bolt took him in the next row with unbeatable 9. His fourth victim is Kidder Yadav (1). Buhnesvar Kumar (1) won his third penalty in the match, Grand. And when the magic of the 10 bolts ended, the Indian team collected 55/8. Netherlands Pandey, 16, was the fifth driver in 20th place and was moved by Tom Lettam. Kuldep (15) and Kalil Ahmed (5) took the captains of Farha Legspinner Todd Astle and Jimmy Nisham. The highest score of 18 races is unbeaten ten titles. Jawagal Srinath, who scored more than ten races for India at OCD before the start of Innis, He scored 43 points against Pakistan in Toronto in 1998. India watt was not so bad (180) in that match. In the first game of the series against New Zealand, Indian chess players received double figures. But the seven Indian leaders could not go into the two-tier series in the fourth ODI. Boult took 5 watts for 21 rounds. And he touched the record of Sir Richard Hadley for five wins in five New Zealand matches five times. Bolt is the best bowling personality in ODIs 7/34 The fifth and final one-day international starts in Wellington on Sunday at 8 o'clock. Tim India tour of New Zealand with confidence in winning the test and ODI series for the first time in Australia. India won the 90th race at the second game in New Zealand after winning 8 watt in the first game. After winning the 7-kiln win in the third ODI, the Koly team confirmed the series.

Short result

India-New Zealand fourth ODI
Cast: New Zealand (field)
India: 30.5, 92 (Shahal 18 *, Pandia 16, Kuldep 15, Bolt 5/21, Grand 3/26).
New Zealand: 14.4 over 93/2 (Taylor 37 *, Nicholas 30 *, Buhnneshvar 2/25).
Result: New Zealand won 8 watts
Length of match: Trent Bolt

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