Monday , January 25 2021

Konal returned to the song 970145 | The voice of tomorrow

The death of his father in Corona turned the life of the popular musician Konal. He was destroyed. After two months of mourning the death of his father, the channel’s best vocal artist has returned to singing. Konal sang a new song according to music director Shavkat Ali Emon, winner of the National Film Award.

The song is based on a novel written by Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader and is the title track of the film “Gangchil” directed by Naim Imtiaz Neyamul. Priya Chatterji from Kolkata wrote the lyrics in Konal’s voice. The recording of the song ended recently, said Shavkat Ali Emon.

In late August, Konal sang to the tune of Emon Saha in the movie “Bakul Bihang”. After that, the corona became infected in the family of this artist. On September 10, Konal lost his father. Then he was far from everything. According to Konal, a lot of work is frozen because of this. Contacted by various music directors, TV channels. But I did nothing because 40 days had not passed since my father died. Give me a vote for a few more new pictures. I try to complete the frozen tasks one by one.

Regarding the playback of the new song, Konal said: “The lyrics of the song are like ‘Everyone gave today, we are together, we are like a flying gong in the blue sky.’ On the screen you can see that it is a lot of fun to sing, it is about Bengali drums. Hope can be found in the song.

He said, I have done many songs in my player career with Shavkat Ali Emon Bayi. The song “Jane Koda” is significant in the movie “Balobasa Zindabad”. I am very satisfied with the new song. I believe that the song will be pleasant for the audience in the film.

Composer and music director Shavkat Ali Emon, this is the title track of the movie “Gangchil”. Konal’s vote is taken. Pratik Hassan and Akash Mahmoud will cast two more votes. This is a very festive song. I believe that the song will add a different dimension to the movie “Gangchil”.

It is learned that the filming of “Gangchil” is almost over. Director Naim Imtiaz Nejamul said, except for the song, all filming is over. Ferdows, Purnima, Anisur Rahman, Milon, Tariq Anam Khan and others played different roles in the film.

Obaidul Quader has already said about the novel “Gangchil”, it is not a fictional story. The whole novel is based on the sign “Gangchil” by Noahali. Various aspects of the lives of the people there appeared in the novel Gangchil. The struggles of the people of the area to survive the storms, floods and ripples appeared in the novel. “Gangchil” was published by Samay Prakashan at the 2015 Amar Ekushey Book Fair.

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