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Kiwis runs the English bathing series

England lost the brawl in the third game of Nelson's bilateral series. New Zealand were bowled by England in the 5-on-2 goal in 5.4 overs. In the last 4 balls, only 2 players with 5 wickets in hand were needed. But the bats, after throwing a braid, actually stopped running for three runs out of English links. New Zealand won a series of five games 2-0.
Kiwi captain Tim Saute decided to bathe before Manuka won the race yesterday. Martin Guptil, who returned to the previous match, also gave the lineup a start. This opener scored four runs from four balls. After leaving in the fourth round, Kiwis lost 5 baskets in 5 overs. The hosts then returned to the 5-member stand of veteran Ross Taylor and D Grandham. Taylor scored 20 runs. DeGandhom scored four runs and four sixes in his six and six for Kiwi. Mitchell Santner's last 20 races and Jimmy Nehesam's last 20 races have given New Zealand capital of five branches. For England, Tom Karen took 2 for 20. England went down to a solid 5th round and the 5th run of David Vince to take advantage of 5 races. However, England's victory over Sam Billings' expiration was difficult after the England captain was caught in the deep sword. Tourists were knocked out of the match by Lucky Ferguson's two yards in the seventh series. To win, the Englishman needed five races. There, they could lose 5 wickets in just 20 races. Their total collection is 1/3. Lucky Ferguson and Blair Tucker took two wickets for New Zealand. The fourth match of the bilateral series will begin at 9pm on Friday in Napier.

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