Sunday , May 16 2021

Jubilant leader killed in terrorist attack Kishoreganj

The leader of the Juba district leader, Monir Hossein, was killed in a terrorist attack in Kishoreganj. Jakub Suman, Section 6 of his municipality, Kishoregagh, was seriously injured in the same incident.

The attacks occurred in the area of ​​Rakhtala in Kishoreganj, around 21:00 hours on Friday (January 25th). Jakub Sumon was injured in a critical condition at the Michensching College of Medicine.

Police sources say that on Saturday around 9 pm, hundreds of masked terrorists, Jakub Sumon and his brother Monir Hossein, were injured in a car crash in the Rothla area in Kishoreganj. Later, local residents saved them in a critical condition and took them to the general hospital in Kishoregay with 250 beds.

After the condition worsened, the doctors sent the two to the Medical College in Michensheng. Doctors named Monir Hossen after their death after taking them to the Majinghang Medical School hospital around 10:30 am.

In addition to the attacks on two brothers, Jakub Summon and the house of his brother Jubo leader, Monir Hosen, were vandalized in the Achar Bazaar area.

For information on the incident, the police raided the site and arrested five people with domestic weapons. However, the names and addresses of the detainees are not known. The cause of the attack was not immediately known. There is tension in the city. Police are deployed in different places.

The Kishoregan model of police officer Abu Bakar Sidik confirmed the incident and said the police are conducting an operation to arrest those involved in the attack.

Noor Mohamad / RS

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