Monday , May 17 2021

Jaasad's leader killed by the wild elephant attack

JSD Media Relations Secretary Samiman Kanak

JSD Media Relations Secretary Samiman Kanak Photo: Collected

The media secretary of the Central Committee of the National Socialist Party (SSD), Siamun Konak, was killed in the wild elephant attack while traveling to Darjeeling Doar.

On Friday night, he died in the attack on the elephant elephants in Darjeeling with his wife and friends in the jungle near a statue of the statue in the city of Dover.

Simeon Kanak is the son of the commander of Mujb Bakhini, Noor Alam Jikur. He is the father of a child in his personal life. Kanak lived in the ancestry of Nabarabhanganagar in the area of ​​Stara Sadargat-Vajghat in Dhaka.

Khanak's death certificate, Alhaj Gulam Mohsin, president of the JKD Kushtia district, confirmed

He said one of our workers was killed by wild elephant attacks while traveling to Darjeeling homes. He was a companion to our revolution. I wish peace from his soul.

On Saturday morning, Kanaka should be an autopsy. At the end of the autopsy, the carcass will be brought to Dhaka by air. Following namaz-e-janaza, the body was buried in Dhaka.

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